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    New Coach

    Quote: I'm courious on opions on who the vickes should look at for a new head coach? i think one of the things people seem to forget is the assistants out there also. Gregg Williams, d cordinator out in washington, eagles offensive cordinator is anouther. bears defensive cordinator. star and trib has a short little article kind of from players stating that a disciplinarian would be a better choice for a new coach.. i personaly would like to see a disciplinarian defensive minded coach. if you look at the good teams in the playoffs, all have coaches that where previous defensive cordinators. then they can go after a good offensive cordinator. jim
  2. well then, i think we need to hook up sunday!!! jim
  3. Quote: I bet a person could use a big headed nail and just nail it right onto the fishhouse and it would stay for the winter. After this I personally think this is an improvment over the adhesive tags that it replaced. thats nice that it held up, but i dont think us guys with portables have any advantage with the new tag. i personaly would perfer the sticky back. peel it, stick it one the license holder and done. im not happy with the change. jim
  4. from this past winter, i just got back by 15" red lake crappie. i have a 14" big black male being done right now from a june trip. jim
  5. i was just there last wed night checking out hunting regs, but i have not been able to get on it all weekend. jim
  6. i have thought about this. honestly, there are many solutions to tying the tag to the deer. dont have/forgot zip-ties or string? why not just use a leaf stem, piece of tall grass( roll up in your hand) a weed stem, or even a section of corn stalk. as long as its not dryed out and brittle, it should sub in for what you dont have. jim
  7. sounds good. one last thing, whats a good material for a moisture barrier? jim
  8. hello, these steel studs that are spoken of. are these a complete tubular stud, or are these a C shaped stud? im looking in to building a house my self, and researching materials. whats the advantage to these besides weight? any moisture problems? jim
  9. i have had the origional deer plates when they came out, and now i have had the loon plates on sence i got my blazer. i hunt and fish, so i have no problem paying the fee as long as its for a good cause. plus the plates look good on my truck. jim
  10. there should be one in the park out by bunker lake golf course. havnt been out there in years, but it was a nice range when i was there. jim
  11. hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!! crunk! hahahahahaha. jim
  12. being that i live and work in alexandria, im at home as far as lakes go.with more lakes then one could ever dream of fishing, pull out a good detailed map and you will see im in the middle of gods country. with in a 15 min drive i can be on more lakes then most people have ever fished. otter tail co to the NW and a litle beyond that is detroit lakes. im 10 min from osakis, 30 min from sauk center. and 3 hrs 15 min from red lake. i live right down the road from geneva, i can be on the water in 5 min. lakes around here have everything one could want to fish for. walleyes to small mouth, muskies to monster panfish. hidden honey holes to pleasure lakes. and the ice fishing is awsome to sat the least. now if i could just live long enough to fish all these lakes.......... jim
  13. Quote: "poacher plates" Thats a great idea. I just don't know how effective it would be. food for thought. if you pull in to a access and check plates for the sign, see one truck with them on it. your going to know to watch out on the lake for a boat that has something on the side of it to identify it with truck. more then likely you will be watched by other anglers on the lake. if someone is catching fish, you will get noticed. if someone is catching a lot of fish, you will be watched. jim
  14. Quote: How about if a guy is charged with poaching his license plate would have have a P. Kind of like whiskey plates for people charge with DUI Quote: Poaching plates, I can see it. "IMP" plates. I M Poaching. IMP 1001. I like that idea. "hooks" Quote: "poacher plates" Thats a great idea. I just don't know how effective it would be. someone must have read my post in the alexandria forum.http://www.fishingminnesota.com/forum/showflat.php?Cat=&Number=528049&page=0&view=collapsed&sb=5&o=&fpart=1 i brought this idea up kind of as a joke, but then thought seriously about it. i passed it around at easter with some family members. im actually kind of impressed that so far nobody has hesistated to say anything except it sounds like a perfect idea. i have to come up with a planed presentation so i can present this to a head dnr offical. i have lots of ideas and thought in to this and would like to eventually get a petition going. there is a lot more to it then just the plates on a vehicle. there is a need to make sure that all bases are covered because its not just the over harvest of fish, its the other animals we covet so dearly also. a guy who takes a trophy buck just for the rack, should beable to display the same plates proudly as a guy who decides to keep 60-70 or more crappies, a guy who takes 15-20 or more ducks then he should. and should also be the same for a guy who decides to shoot something thats on the endangered list like those swans we have, or even a bald eagle. i dont want to get to detailed, but i want to beable to try and make it work. i figure this would be a good place to start for support. jim
  15. it is one of my favorites for those red lake crappies. jim
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