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marcum lx3 ? for anyone that owns one


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i am thinking of geting a lx3 but have read a few posts that the line diplay is tough to read with the color scheme.how is it in sunlight as well.also how do you read your actually depth .i read the marcum manual and in the zoom mode if you were using the 40ft scale that you would double it.if you want to use your zoom on the bottom then you would set you scale from 0 to 5feet then.or is vexilars bottom lock a better feature.


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I think the LX3 is easier to see in bright light then the Vex but everyone seems to have their opinion on that. As for reading it there is no guessing. If you use the 40 or 160 foot modes you are simply doubling your display numbers.

Hope that helps.

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I have had both the FL18 and the Marcum LX3.

I think its easier to read the Marcums display.Allthough the Vex uses green, their display is a little fuzzy,while the Marcums display is crisp.(the colors don't overlap and the targets are more defined)One thing I also noticed about the green on the Vex is its the weakest signal.I never payed much attention to that color anyway.I always looked for the strong red signals.

I also agree with Brian.Its easier to see the Marcum in daylight than the Vex.Vex sells a sun shield as an accessory to help you read its display.You just don't need that with a Marcum.

When either sonars are in zoom mode the display is divided.The display works the same on both.You read the zoom on one side and the actual depth (doubled in 40ft range)on the other.The nice thing about the Marcum is that you can move the zoom up and down in the water column.It also indicates where the zoom is set.The Vex can only zoom the bottom six feet.

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