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Rivers on the ice?


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I've been fishing the hard water since I was a kid, but until recently, wasn't close enough to a river worth fishing. tongue.gif

I live in Anoka, near both the Mississippi & Rum, and am wondering if anyone fishes these rivers through the ice, and if there are any differences as far as safety, what to look for, etc.

Another question would be if there are different spots to fish than in say fall & late summer? cool.gif

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In my opinion, rivers are nothing to mess with in the winter, where you have ice one day, it might be really thin the next?

If you go through in a lake, you will stay in the area you went through and have a chance of getting out...if you go through on a river the current might whisk you under the ice and it is adios to you!

There are some exceptions of course, really slow moving impoundments, shallow back waters with little current are a couple. Even these I don't trust completely?

Stay away from inlets and outlets, any place that has springs, any place where water runs up on the ice, rusty colored ice, any place that looks like it has a slight sag to it. Watch the locals and see what they do, where they cross etc.

If no one is going into the area, there is probably a reason for it, danger, or maybe not worth fishing.

Personally speaking, I have been through the ice on the Crow river many years ago and I felt the current tugging at my legs. My shotgun saved me from going under and a boyhood friend pulled me out with a long branch.

I have plenty of respect for rivers and their power and the dead of winter is no time to find out about it!

If you are bound and determined to go, go slowly and try to buddy up with someone that knows the river.

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Slick, We fish the St.Louis River between Duluth and Superior. Judging by your avator you know where Im talking of. Most people fish Boyscout Landing area, Walleye Alley, Barkers Island, Park Point Airport Bayside and Loonsfoot area as well. Most of these spots have current but nothing like up by the 23 bridge area.

I dont recomend it but I see some crazy fools driving all over the river. By Christmas its easy foot travel in most areas and 4 wheelers in some. Stay away from the 23 bridge area, any bridge pilings, sharp bends that have washed out shorelines due to heavy current, warm water discharges, creek mouths or areas that look dark or discolored. The river goes up and down several times a day and the current will actually flow up river several times a day as well due to water from Lake Superior being pushed into the river mouths. I forget the scientific name for this.

Stay away from Wlssd, the 4 bridges and the entrys! Way too much current! Also if fishing the Bays stay away from the channels, especially when the shipping season is still on.

As said above watch locals and make sure they know where they are going. Some people just walk out to a group of houses and dont know how the people out there fishing got there. On rivers especially you have to know the safe travel routes. The straight path isnt always safe.

If you hit Boyscout and the Airport you will see people out there and its as safe as ice can be where they are.

If your in Duluth and want to hit the river e-mail me and we can hook up. walleyes4me32 at aol dot com.

Also check out out "POUTFEST" coming up soon on the river out of Boyscout. Its always a good time. This year we will have prizes and food!

Also late in the season we fish off of Wisconsin Point and can do real well for eyes. Its a long walk out but can be well worth it at times.

Early ice in the Wi. Bays like Kimbles, McClures and 28th St. can be good for Crappie and Perch with a fluke eye tossed in.

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Grebe -

That's why I'm asking about it. never done it, and was just kind of wondering if there are a lot of people that do.

Northlander -

I know of where you speak, but am now living in the Northern 'Burbs of the Cities.. don't get to Duluth all that much for fishing. However, I might have to try to make the poutfest.. sounds like fun!.. And smelting is always a good time to be there too.

THanks for the replies, guys... I think I'll stay off the rivers for now.. stick to the waters I know. cool.gif

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Last year was my first ice fishing season that I went on a river. We were just south of the cities on a small(8ft deep and 150ft wide)river. The main chanel was 2-3" thick and the backwater was 5-7". I just used a spud to make sure the ice was thick enough before going on any new ice. I would sugest staying in backwater bays, the ice seemed to be much more consistant.

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