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New Trout Stream Proposals


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The MN DNR is requesting comments from the public on their proposal to simplify trout regulations for SE MN trout streams. Additionally, the DNR wants comments on opening lakes to winter trout fishing in Becker, Beltrami, Cass, Crow Wing and Hubbard counties.

The DNR's request for comments appeared in the December 10, 2012, edition of the MN State Register, volume 34, number 27, page 915. (http://www.comm.media.state.mn.us). Comments on the open rules may be submitted until February 11, 2013. The final language that will be sent out for adoption will be drafted after the comment period has ended and will be sent out to those who commented.

The following outlines the MN DNR proposal for trout regulations that are being considered:

Remove all barbless hook regulations in all trout seasons on all trout season in SE MN.

Bring all designated trout streams in SE MN into the current winter season.

Allow angling (catch and release) on designated trout streams in SE MN State Parks from October 15th to December 31st. (new State Park season )

SE MN stream reaches with gear restrictions during the regular season should follow those gear restrictions in all other seasons.

Extend the current fall catch and release season to October 15th.

Open some lakes in Becker, Beltrami, Cass, Crow Wing, and Hubbard counties to winter trout fishing.

The SE MN regulation changes have been discussed with constituents for a number of years now. We (DNR) hope that by simplifying these regulations, it will make it easier for new anglers to get into the sport and make compliance much easier for those already participating.

If you have any comment or questions, please contact Linda Eastwood Erickson, Program Manager - Fisheries Management Section by e-mail ([email protected] or phone 651-259-5206

SO, IF YOU WANT TO SEE THESE NEW TROUT REGULATIONS HAPPEN, Contact Linda Eastwood Erickson and let her know you support the DNR's proposed SE MN trout regulation changes and the opening of some lakes for winter trout angling..

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Just came out on the DNR site


Interested citizens have until Monday, Feb. 11, to comment on Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) plans to provide more angler opportunity for trout and sturgeon, and protect flathead catfish during winter and to make changes to some other fisheries rules.

For trout, DNR is considering rules that:

Simplify trout fishing regulations in southeastern Minnesota by dropping the barbless hook restriction; research has demonstrated that hooking mortality is not significantly greater with a barb.

Extend the end of the fall catch-and-release season on all designated trout streams in southeastern Minnesota from Sept. 30 to Oct. 15.

Allow catch-and-release angling on designated trout streams in some southeastern Minnesota state parks from Oct. 15 to Dec. 31.

Open some lakes in Becker, Beltrami, Cass, Crow Wing and Hubbard counties to winter trout fishing.

Prompted by successful recovery efforts of the sturgeon populations in the Red, Rainy, St. Croix and St. Louis rivers, DNR is planning to propose that a catch-and-release sturgeon season be implemented year-round.

Flathead catfish angling and spearing would be closed in winter to protect this trophy species, which concentrate in small areas and become torpid under the ice in cold weather. Because it takes many years for flathead to grow to trophy size of 50 pounds or more, these fish easily could be overharvested when lethargic.

Other changes would place some restrictions on smelt harvest in Pine County’s Grindstone Lake and implement additional whitefish netting restrictions to better control the possibility of spreading invasive species.

DNR is seeking initial public comments on these proposal ideas so that those comments can be considered in drafting rules for formal public comment and adoption.

Comments, questions and requests for more information and the proposals should be directed to Linda Erickson-Eastwood at 500 Lafayette Road, St. Paul, 55155-4020. Citizens also may call 651-259-5206.

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Thanks for posting this guys.


I will submit something here in the next week or so... once I have something coherent laid out.

As some of us have discussed, I'm down with all SE MN Trout streams be open for winter CnR, perhaps with a few exceptions but I can't think of any right now (my MN trout experience is very, very limited).

Keeping gear restrictions in place would be awesome.

Fall extensions would not do much for me either way, though I don't see the harm in either of these - once October hits there's only one thing on my mind and it's not inland trouts.

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Oh man.. WW open year round.. what an amazing thought.. Much better than having to drive to IA! Also I imagine this may bring in some extra revenue for those who don't buy state park passes.. and now will have to if they intend to fish "State Park Season"

Opening all the streams for winter c&r is huge.. it makes for less calls from landowners to the dnr from people fishing non-winter streams.. allowing the limited dnr forces we have do a better job of patrolling.. at the same time it'll probably PO some landowners.. One section of easement in the beaver creek system comes to mind...

I also love the fact that i'll be able to fish tiny brookie water without having to worry about brush.. in the dead of winter..

I could leave or take the extended season.. it all really depends on if the SP rule would pass.. if no.. then yes I want 2 extra weeks to fish.. if yes.. then i can wait til the 15th

Barbless rule... I don't care either way.. i'll continue to pinch barbs.. it's a habit now..

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