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  1. Slabasaurus

    Prime Rib Seasoning

    99% of the time when I do beef I stick to kosher salt and coarse ground black pepper. I salt the beef liberally as soon as I get it home from the market, wrap it back up in the butcher paper, and pop it in the fridge until cooking (24 hours is ideal, 12 is ok). The salt will draw the water out of the meat, and then the meat will reabsorb the water with the salt molecules in it. Seasons the inside and really helps produce a moist chunk o beef. Check out articles on a dry brine for more details on how that science works. Add the pepper before cooking. I always have a bit of grated horseradish on the side. The 1% of time I add more than salt n pepper, I add garlic and rosemary at the time I add the pepper.
  2. still kickin it.... I'm sad sillytown has become the same convo day after day, but I still check it over lunch for some reason. I don't know why. Anyway. got a message this morning reminding me how fun this was. Should be a good iron bowl this year. should be...
  3. Slabasaurus

    Food truck info

    Here's a decent list of 'em MSP Mag Food Truck Guide Cajun2Geaux - I've not had their food truck, but Bistro la Roux up in lexington is their brick and mortar and it's really, really, really good. Gumbo, Jambalaya, and beignets... to name a few things they offer. Hot Indian Foods - Another good one,I've had them most often at their global market location (brick n mortar) but have ordered from their food truck as well... Indurritos are really good. Potter's Pasties - They are up at hammerheart brewery and the MN United games a lot... I frequent this one. Absolutely delicious pasties (the dessert pasties are really good too). Otherwise, not sure if you're into the beer scene at all... but most of the breweries around the cities will have a food truck on site as well, most breweries have a calendar with who will be on site and when.
  4. Slabasaurus

    Viking Surprises

    An elite WR can make a below avg QB look like Joe Montana. Just ask Daunte Culpepper.
  5. Slabasaurus

    Gopher Football 2015

    I'll be so thrilled when that happens you have no idea. Do you think you'll start a FIRE SABAN! thread if that happens? Auburn even managed 6 wins this year, despite themselves.
  6. Slabasaurus

    Just Food and Drink

    made fish tacos last night... ate em too quick and didn't get a photo Here's what I had for seconds. blackened tilapia with cilantro lime rice, sour cream, and a nice fresh salsa. Washed it down with a bit of homebrew... not too bad at all. a few weeks back I had the ladyfriend's family up for dinner, we made beef bourguignon, turned out fantastic. also washed down with a bit o homebrew (Zombie Dust clone).
  7. Slabasaurus

    Teddy Bridgewater

    looks like AJ green was more responsible for that TD, not sure McCarron made the 2 steelers forget what tackling was. Not a bad toss though. Too bad he couldn't have made one or two more of those back 11/30/13.
  8. Slabasaurus

    hot pepper recipes?

    I made something very similar to this (used a smaller batch though) but used ghost peppers instead. Holy cow was it hot, but it was really, really, really tasty. I added a can of pears and some fresh ginger too to help add some sweet to the sauce. The stuff in the jar is smoked paprika, and y es, those are safety glasses on the right side there. This stuff is not something to mess around with when you're cookin it. I thought better of doing this with the Carolina Reapers.... dried them instead. Those things scare me...
  9. Slabasaurus

    Jerry Kill retires

    Stop bringing Auburn into this. (Ouch. I just hurt my own feelings). Yeah, hope nothing but the best for him. He's a good guy and a solid coach. The press conference was tough to watch/listen to - but it was clear how much he cares about his team and players.
  10. Slabasaurus


    I grew up around there... love it down there around that time of year. Thanks for postin these
  11. Slabasaurus

    Okay Foodies

    It's ordering foie gras that would make one a richard if one ordered it frequently. Nothing about confit would make you a richard. They're both yummy though.
  12. Slabasaurus

    Okay Foodies

    I was actually wondering this same thing. I haven't had wild duck that wasn't overdone. Apparently sometimes you'll get a real fatty duck and you can actually do a sort of wild duck foie gras.... if you're into that sorta thing (I am but I don't order it at restaurants because I am not a richard). I haven't duck hunted so I have no idea how uncommon a fatty duck is around these parts. Some Hunting article on wild duck fat content and foie gras.
  13. Slabasaurus

    First R rated movie you saw in a theatre?

    I was 13 when this one came to the dollar theater in Apple Valley
  14. Slabasaurus

    Viking Surprises

    He reminds me more of Devin Hester... I don't remember Hester doing much as a receiver (if anything) until recent years and even now he's pretty mediocre in that regard. Just shows that kick returners do have value... and I think that's kind of the route that Patterson's going to go. He'll be in on some special plays on offence, and maybe he'll figure out rout running, but I don't see that happening any time soon. Hopefully he does... guys got some pretty wicked speed.
  15. Slabasaurus

    Just Food and Drink

    Those kabobs look real tasty... had a few of those at a BBQ with some friends last week (I made this salad for that BBQ) Pretty simple actually, Just a bit of Kale, Cabbage, Romaine, Cilantro, Bell Peppers, Mangoes, Cashews, and Roasted Chicken Breast. The dressing is simple too, just a bit of soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic, lime juice, and a little peanut butter. Enjoyed this one with a River Pig Pale Ale from the Angry Minnow. (Sidenote - they are distributing cans of their Rye IPA now... so if you're around hayward keep an eye out!)