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  1. outlook is still showing pretty cold temps at night... until the over nights start staying warm... you won't have to worry about the chocolate milk... they'll get higher and stain up a little... lets hope for these teens in the night time... will help ease the streams instead of blowing them out...
  2. Figured this thread could use some updates....
  3. Sent the DNR an email about it earlier today... hopefully they go down there and shock his arse and pick him out of there... It was the only one I saw... Hopefully it is the only one... Thought my eyes were playing tricks on me when from about 100' ahead of me i could see this orange mass swimming around... Wish I could've caught him... Would've made a good addition to the species comp
  4. He was definitely coy(get it?)... As I couldn't even cast to him without him shooting off
  5. Some fool decided to drop their pet in the stream I was fishing today...
  6. Commercials are funny.. but the only Sonic I've ever seen was by St Louis...
  7. adversely affected is really small talk for "seriously f'ed up"... It went from a stream to a blown out beaver paradise... Definitely money going to a good cause no doubt... Win-Cres has really made good use of their funds
  8. Aren't you doing the same thing on the handful of boards where you post the same topic time and time again... I think you're not understanding that if you don't go to public meetings to be heard... it really doesn't matter what you say on a random fishing board... your local politicians and legislators are not reading them... what you say here should be said at those CCs... If you really want YOUR voice heard
  9. Simplified trout laws... simplified mining laws... Wisco's prized DA is gonna go to h3ll in a hand basket
  10. Jennings: I'd like to use a lifeline, Reeg... Let's call Brett Favre http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap1000000...th-vikings-deal what's more entertaining is the laughable comments by all the butt hurt packer fans
  11. So I was interested in checking out this show... Strictly entertainment wise... Was force fed the carp when I was a kid... caught the recap at the beginning... watched about 5min and couldn't stand any more of the horrible acting and special effects of this show... had to change the channel... Should've been on SyFy network with how low budget looking it was
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