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Settings on HDS 7 for ice


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I use "graph" mode exclusively (Pages/Sonar<to the top>/Enter). The HDS does have a flasher mode- Menu/Sonar Options/Split/Flasher- if you prefer that view.

* Choose your transducer (Menu/Settings/Sonar/Installation/Transducer type) PTI-WBL/PTI-WSU is the correct choice for the Lowrance ice-ducer.

* Pick a background PALETTE (Menu/Sonar Options/Palette) that's easy to see given the light conditions in which you are viewing the screen (14 choices).

* Set the FISHING MODE (Menu/Settings/Sonar/Fishing mode) I use the Shallow Water mode 80% of the time. Note changing these settings can change noise filters and ping speed settings.

* Manually adjust PING SPEED (Menu/Ping speed) and chart SCROLL SPEED (Menu/Settings/Sonar/Scroll speed) to your liking. I usually run between 15-Max ping speeds and Normal-2X Scroll speeds depending on water depth.

* Designate RANGE (Menu/Range) and choose a suitable range of water depth.

* Run SENSITIVITY (Menu/Adjust/Sensitivity) settings in manual mode. Uncheck AUTO SENSITIVITY (Menu/Auto Sensitivity/Enter) and adjust up until lure can be easily seen (usually 70-80% depending on water conditions).

* Adjust COLORLINE so that the lure is just starting to turn blue. When a decent sized fish comes in, it will usually show some red or even yellow on the display (colors will vary with Palette choice)

* If getting interference from other flashers (or other noise) use NOISE REJECTION and SURFACE CLARITY filters to tune it out. Start at low and work your way up to high as needed. You'll have to adjust your SENSITIVITY after each increase in filter level. In extreme cases of interference from other flashers, you may have to adjust the PING SPEED and/or raise or lower your transducer in the hole a few inches. Using these tips and running in CHART MODE, I've never had a problem tuning out other flashers.

* Use ZOOM (ZIN/ZOUT) and the ARROW Keypad to adjust the ZOOM window up or down so you are seeing the desired depth range. The zoom level is up to 8X, and I always use some level of zoom, adding more in deeper water.

These settings should get you started using a Lowrance HDS unit on ice!

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I just set mine up with the lowrance ice fishing kit a couple weeks ago. The HDS 5 fits in it tightly, but not too tight.

I own a vexilar fl-12 and it has taken some time to get used to the the HDS-5. I've been using it exclusively in graph mode.

A few things I do.

1-Turn down the backlight to preserve some battery power.

2-Turn the sonar to manual mode.

3-Ping speed on max

4- Adjust sensitivity so your jig is a thin line. usually around 75to80percent for me.

5- Adjust colorline so your jig is purple/blue.

6-Chart speed to 4x or 8x. Usually 8x. Faster scroll speed the more instant the display will be.

7-Depth-Go to custom, I usually type in about 5 feet for the top and the bottom will be 1 or 2 feet below the depth. So, if it's 18 feet my depth range will be 5 to 20 feet. So, now your utilizing more of the pixels and not wasting any on the surface clutter or on by having 5 feet of bottom on the screen. Ofcourse, If I was only fishing 10 feet of water I wouldn't have the top set at 5, depends on depth, but you all get the idea.

8-I like using mine with the bottom lock view. So, I've got the whole water column on the right, so I can see if anything comes in high or suspended. And, on the right I have the bottom 6 feet or so.

Overall, This machine has helped me locate the fish with the gps and lake map, and help me catch them with the sonar view.

That's why the vex is at home now. It doesn't have a gps and can't help me locate fish.

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Good instructions above smile

Here's a few more tips to get you started:

* Use a larger battery. The Lowrance HDS color screens definitely use more power- 0.7A at 13VDC with backlight on, 0.4A with backlight off. I use a 10 Amp Hour battery which has the same footprint as the more common 7-9 AH batteries, but it’s about 1” taller and a pound or so heavier,yet it still fits easily inside the Genz Box I've got my HDS rigged on. I’ve yet to kill the battery in a long day of fishing- the lowest reading I’ve seen on my digital battery indicator is 63% charge. I do shut the HDS off when I’m tending tip ups etc.

* Set your screen backlight level. There are ten levels of backlight to choose from, with level "10" being the brightest. I rarely exceed level "7" when I’m outside on the ice in the sun, or level “5” when I’m inside my Otter house. If you leave your backlight on 10 (default setting) all the time, you will pull your battery down quite a bit faster.

Good Luck with your HDS on ice!

Jim Carroll NPAA #13


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Mode Depth Settings Palette

General Use &#8804;1,000 ft 50% Ping speed Bottom brown/ blue background

Shallow Water &#8804; 60 ft 75% Ping speed bottom brown/white background

Fresh Water &#8804; 400 ft 50% Ping speed bottom brown/white background

Deep Water &#8805; 1,000 ft 50% Ping speed Deep Blue

Slow Trolling &#8804; 400 ft 50% Ping speed Bottom brown/white background

Fast Trolling &#8804; 400 ft Lower chart speed Bottom brown/white background

Clear Water &#8804; 400 ft 50% Ping speed Bottom brown/white background

Ice Fishing &#8804; 400 ft Settings optimized to reduce interference from

other sonar units


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