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  1. MuskieJunkie

    How many gas additives do I really need?

    This is a debate that could go on forever. The easiest answer - none. With that said I do pour some in my tank in September.
  2. MuskieJunkie

    Cleaning Lake Scum From Boat

    Starbrite instant hull cleaner
  3. Funny story along these lines. Years ago I had a March Trip to pool 4 planned with 3 friends. at about 3 am the morning of I shot up out of bed remembering my boat tabs were expired (I owned the boat free and clear and had already transfered the title so no issue there). Well, if you know fishign pool 4 in March you know A)there are a ton people down there fishing bumper to bumper B)there are a ton of CO's patrolling said people. So at 3am I go on the DNR site and buy tabs, I was able to print off a piece of paper that said I had paid and was clear to use the boat for 10 days until the actual tabs arrived. fast forward to where we are fishing in a huge pod of boats and the CO hits the rollers and B lines it for me. I handed him the paper and all was well, funny thing is when I got done talking to him the pod of boats had dispersed and we had the whole area to myself.
  4. How do you do that? I don't have a problem I am just wondering.
  5. MuskieJunkie

    2005 lund explorer 1700 tiller

    It's very very rare for a 10 year old fishing boat to be in excellent condition - unfortunately many sellers will describe boats that way. A pet peeve of mine. regardless 16k is high on that boat.
  6. MuskieJunkie

    High Hour Yamaha

    I'd have reservations that is might be a saltwater motor. We don't see hours like that around the midwest unless it's a commercial boat. Also why did it come off the boat and up for sale. With that said there is probably a lot of life left in it.
  7. MuskieJunkie

    2005 lund explorer 1700 tiller

    We need more info, what is the year and condition?
  8. MuskieJunkie

    Cost of swapping a 115 for 150??

    Just thought of another wrinkle to throw in. A lot of higher HP motors are the same block as their lower HP version, just with intake, exhaust and/or ignition differences. I guess you'd want to look at torque too. For example, a 115 suzuki is the same block as a 140 so you will not see as big of a difference as a Yamaha 115 vs 150 which are different blocks.
  9. MuskieJunkie

    Alaskan Bush People

    I like how the dad says "we don't really need the outside world" and then takes his chevy suburban to town to collect his state dividend check so he can put gas in his boat. With that said I think the show is somewhat entertaining.
  10. MuskieJunkie

    Cost of swapping a 115 for 150??

    If you can find a guy that has the motor you want AND is will to take your old one on trade he is going to give you wholesale value for your motor and charge you retail on the bigger one, plus labor. Ballpark guess $3,000 to 5,000. I would go online and find a local guy selling more than one used motor and give him a call.
  11. MuskieJunkie

    How Many Hours is to Many on an E-tec ?

    For longevity of a modern outboard 2,000+ For resale in MN, 300-400 In MN we are very spoiled with low hour boats, guys up here start raising an eyebrow when they go over 200. A Minnesotan might skip over a boat that has 500 hours on it, where as a Floridian would think "great it has low hours".
  12. MuskieJunkie

    115 Four Stroke Acceleration??

    Couple thoughts: I would venture to guess that 90% of people skiing on any given July Saturday in MN are doing so with a 4stroke motor. The questions of good gas mileage is carb vs Fuel injection more so than it is 4 stroke vs 2 stroke. I hear the term "you can pull a tube" thrown around a lot, a canoe can pull a tube..... Whatever you buy if you do have issues pulling up a skier just get a lower pitched prop. They're all over the internet used for $100 or less.
  13. MuskieJunkie

    Shipping a boat

    1850LS vs the 186. The 1850 is what everyone in MN thinks of when they hear 18' reatta. 4 swivel seats that can be moved around, deep v hull. The 186 is smaller and has two captains chairs with a bass boat style seat for passangers. Lower resale in MN than the "walleye" version. All reattas have full windshields I believe. I Couldn't tell you what years they started or stopped these two. WHY they use the reatta name for two different 18' boats is beyond me but like I said earlier I'm sure people have confused buying them used online and not got what they expected when delivery day came.
  14. MuskieJunkie

    Shipping a boat

    Sorry I can't help you with the shipping question but just in case you didn't know, Ranger makes a bass boat Reatta and deep V walleye Reatta. Be careful you know what you're buying. I'm sure many a Midwest guys have bought a used Reatta they found cheaper from down south expecting a Deep V walleye boat and a bass boat shows up on their door step. I'm sure you have it figured out but just thought I'd mention it since it would be a big mistake.
  15. MuskieJunkie

    payment for boat

    Bank checks are good but can be forged. If I take one I also need a 2nd way to verify it, like calling the bank (the first being my eyeballs). hsolist flat out has a warning that says do not accept them. A lot of guys that get them will swear "it's as good as cash!". My response to that is "can I walk into Chipotle and get a burrito with it?" Wire is good but some kinds can be pulled back. Also they require a leap of faith by the buyer, he has to initiate the transfer before he gets the boat. Cash is great. However I have found most people are not comfortable carrying around huge stacks of it. Whatever you do I'd let the seller know the boat does not leave your garage until you HAVE the money.