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Spongy Brake Lever??


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I recently bought a 1995 Yamaha Kodiak 400. It only has 800 miles but has been neglected (I think it was stored outside a lot). When I got it one of the screws for the cap on the front brake reservoir was missing and the fluid was almost gone. So I bled/flushed the system completely with brand new fluid and replaced the cap screws.

Now the brakes will work but only if I pump the lever, on the first pull of the lever it goes all the way to the handle bar but after 2-3 pumps it grabs but at the end of the lever pull. The lever adjustment was maxed out when I got the machine and still is. I tried taking the front drums off to look for an adjustment there but I can't get them off for the life of me. I think they're seized on.

Anyone have any ideas on what I should do next, I'm thinking replace the brake lines….. Any input would be appreciated, thanks guys.

(where do I pick up my award for - post with the word "lever" used the most?)

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If you bled the system until clean fluid and no bubbles came out I'd say the brake shoes need adjusting. I'm not familiar with your particular model but there should be an access hole somewhere to adjust them without removing the drum.

After looking at a parts web site it looks like it has a rubber plug to pull out for adjusting. Its between the lug nut studs on the drum. Also, the drum is pressed on to the hub so you have to take it off as an assembly.

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Unless you can see it leaking from the lines or they are bulged out i dont think replacing them will help. I would guess either the wheel cylinders or the master cylinder is leaking, giving you the spongy brakes. You would probably notice it leaking out of the master. I have a 92 big bear and i believe they have the same setup, to get the drum off you have to take the cotter pin and castle nut off of the front axle stub. Like macgyver said the hub is pressed onto the hub, which is splined and held on the axle with the castle nut. You can adjust the brake adjusters thru the hole in the drum as was mentioned but if its like mine 3 of the 4 adjusters were seized tight. Dont forget there are two adjusters for each wheel, one towards the front of the machine and one towards the back.

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Bingo! Thanks for the replies guys I got them adjusted and working properly. On my first try I did take the castle nuts off but still couldn't remove the drums - maybe you need a wheel puller.

When I was in there before I did see those adjustment nuts through the holes but wasn't sure if that would solve my issue or which way to turn them so I didn't mess with it. I'm glad I asked.

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