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Broken tooth


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Hey guys, I just noticed last night that my 3 year old lab has a broken tooth. It's one of her lower incisors I believe. Whatever the "fang" teeth are, I think incisors is the correct term. I may be wrong. It's not broken completely off, in fact it's just the very tip maybe 1/32" or 1/16". She still eats fine, and plays like normal. I don't even know when or how this happened. Is there anything that I should do? Can a vet even do anything about it like cap it or something? I would thik it would be sensitive, but this dog I swear can't be hurt and if she was she'd never give any signs of it. She's a block headed tough ole girl. Any suggestions?

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Had the same thing happen to my lab...i through a whie dummy into a picked field..i noticed to late that it looked similar to a rock laying out there...poor guy busted off his upper K9..boy did i feel bad. Anyhow, in my dog's case, the root was exposed (he didn't have any trouble eating or drinking)but couldnt stand a breeze against it!...ended up finding a vet to cap it for about $200...better than $1000 root canal and "new" silver K9 which is what they do for a lt of police dogs during and after their training.

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