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Area of lake to fish late feb?


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I am planning on trying to ice fish a lake i have never fished before and have actually never ice fished for walleyes either. If you were going to fish a lake that was shallower with a max depth of around 40 feet and most of the deeper lake 20-30 feet with several shallow midlake reefs. Lake bottom along the shoreline of lake is mostly rubble and gravel. Weeds grow to a depth of about 15 ft, and are moderately abundant in the shallows. It has a major inlet and outlet and some smaller shallow bays. What area would you target this time of year? The lake is around 400 acres and around 10ft. water clarity. Just wanted to get an idea of where walleyes are this time of year and a general good depth to target. Thanks for any input,


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I would look towards the inlet area, look for some key elements, shallow gravel area weedy flat with deeper water nearby. The fish will hold in the deeper water and move onto the flat to feed at lowlight and stage in the deeper water during the day. I'd target the 12-14' range with tipups and get out on the deeper water and work that with jigs and spoons and work progressively shallower as the night went on. Think that the fish are starting to stage right now for prespawn and look to those shallower spots that they would use to spawn, then back your way out to the likely holding and feeding areas. Midlake reefs can hold fish and depending on how far they rise out of the lake bed could be potential spawning sites as well.


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