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Global Warming & MN Icefishing


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WCCO news had a piece last night about the effects of global warming on MN Winters, which are a month shorter than 100 years ago.

The scary part is that it's now starting to excellerate at an alarming rate. Scientific studies show that MN climate will be simillar to Missouri and Chicago within 50 years.

Will the fisherman with the wheel houses have to start traveling North into Canada within a few years to have any kind of a season?

Is there anything that we can do at this late date to either slow this down or stop it? Is it even possible to fight the multi corporations when they have the peoples government in there back pocket.

Will there be anything left for our Grandchildren when they are adults?


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They will be able to use there boat all year long. Be more mobile and find more fish.

This really isn't a funny subject! Funny as they say, the earth does go through cycles (some number of years) that it warms the earth normally than it does. We might be going through one of those cycles.

IT is interesting to see that our winters are more mild and our storms are more sever then they have in the years past. I can only speculate because I haven't done any studies on the subject, but it is interesting that the BEST scientists in the world can come to a conclusion that GLOBAL WARMING IS HAPPENING....but the President of the United States is in denial about it.....hummm.......I don't need to say anymore.

Food for Thought: It would be interesting to keep a post like this and ask ourselves where we are in 20 years with global warming. We just might be like it was said above, in boats all winter long?!?! mad.gif

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