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closed choke

HC Eye Hunter

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Not quite sure I understand the question. The benelli tubes that come form the factory have the choke labeled on the side as well as notches in the end. With 1 notch being a full choke 3=Mod 4=Improved cylinder 5=cylinder.

If by closed you mean tight choke the full would be for lead shot only.

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A closed choke, I believe, makes the pattern of your shot (bbs) tighter than an open choke. So if you were hunting something where you wanted to deliver a lot of shot in a small area, that is when you would use the closed choke.

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So what your thinking is that it is a turkey choke or something like that. I have had the gun for 10 years and it came with five labeled chokes. I have never tried the closed choke and wasn't sure what to shoot through it without damaging the choke so I never gave it a second thought. I normally shoot steel so I mostly use the Mod. or improved chokes. I am assuming it is a lead only tube.

Thanks Much,


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I really don't know. My aunt and uncle are big into skeet and trap so I have a basic knowlege. I do know know if lead would hurt the choke. Maybe you hsould try it, i mean if you never use ti anyway could it really hurt stuff that much??

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Just measure the internal diameter of the choke. A standard 12ga bore measures .729" however back bored guns are larger and Mossbergs are just wrong.

Rough indicators:

.729" cylynder

.720" Imp Cyl

.710" Mod

.694" Full

.684" X-Full

( http://www.colonialarms.com/chokespecs.html )


ps. Terror chokes kick butt and were designed for steel & Hevi-shot. My 10ga has a bore of .779" and I have Terror chokes of .720" & .705". According to the chart the .720" is XXXX-Full and the .705" is XXXXXXX-Full. At 40yds I'm getting 90% of BB steel in a 30" circle with the .720". Geese in SD will be suprised next weekend & over Thanksgiving grin.gif

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