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Season review


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Just got started and now its over.

Began the year with high hopes and as some of you may remember on November 6th I was gloating about ice fishing earlier than anyone could remember. I should have kept my mouth shut cause it never got that cold again. In fact we only got to fish our shallower lakes by late December and our regular lakes by mid Jan and by late March we were done!!

Oh well, somes better than none. The following is what worked and what didn't for me last year.

Gear- Vexilar FL-18 performed flawlessly. I contribute 99.9% of my success to it.
Glacier 3 shelter- wrked great when it was me and Dad. Sets up fast, heats up fast and easy to haul. It was and is everything i expected.
Fish Trap Scout-Loved it, used it 90% of the time.
Strikemaster Mag2000 Auger- Made punching holes fast and easy, the Vex and the auger allowed us to move, find fish, punch holes and catch fish.

The Tackle- The pink/white and orange/white Glow Devils were my go to's this year. I used the GD's as attractors all year and the combo of that and a Nils Master chain dropper made them great for perch, pike, Kokanee, trout and even a ling! The Angel Eye Jrs worked for me on occasion but never lived up to my expectations like the Glow Devils did.

This year was the year where I threw my self head first into ice fishing and I am addicted. Maybe next year will be a little longer season and I am going to try to get to Devils Lake and catch some real perch next year!

So, until next fall, there are mountain bikes to ride/race, boats to drive and fish from and turkey, deer and elk to hunt. Then come October or so, that ice fishing bug will be back full force and we will all catch up again!

Untill then, God Bless you all, God bless America and to all you Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines, THANK YOU for keeping our freedoms intact!!

Mikie Howe
Kalispell, MT

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