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Polaris Recalls


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I read the recall on the 700 EFI about the throttle cable.
My '02 sportsman 500 does a similar thing. If I turn the handlebars hard left, when at a stand still, the rpms go up enough to cause it to move. Not at a rapid pace, but it moves none the less. I have always suspected the throttle cable.

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9 times out of 10 the trottle cable is adjusted way to tight. loosen your adjuster up by the trottle back it of until the unit quits running then screw it back out a 1/2 turn or so. This should solve your reving problem when turning the bars. if not your routing is wrong.

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my grizz did the same thing, I just grabbed the cable and moved it around, problem solved. I found this problem when I pulled up to the lake shore,( the lake shore drops 3 feet to the water), then turned to drive away, and all of a sudden this thing took off, landing me into the lake.

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