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New restrictions/quotas for Boundary Waters - Lake One #30

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The Forest Service just sent an email with some new quotas and rules for permits for #30 Lake One entry. ( I know that lots of people fish the BWCA, so thought it relevant to post here for people planning wilderness canoe trips.)

The new rules/permits are:

There will be a total of 14 permits issued (down from the original 18 - They have decided not to reopen 9 of the campsites in that chain.

There will be a quota of 7 permits that will be #30 with no camping restrictions.

The other 7 will be entry point 30F restricting travelers from camping on the Kawishiwi River. 30F will NOT include last season’s restriction for camping beyond Lake Three.)

30F means you can start at Lake One but cannot camp anywhere on the Kawishiwi River - North or South.

I'm advising people that if you do not plan on camping on the river, then please reserve a 30F permit. This leaves some permits open for someone who does want to travel/camp on the river.

This is sort of like the Mudro #23 and #22 permits. #22 is a restricted Mudro permit and does not allow for camping on Horse Lake (all other lakes are fine). If people are going up to the falls area the first day or plan on going to Fourtown and around, then they should try for #22 first.

None of these restricted permits require that you not paddle those restricted waters, you just can't camp in certain areas.

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Interesting...I usually try to get out of the Lake Chain as quickly as I can. I wonder how this'll effect the outfitters up there....

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