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French Spaniel Pups

French Spaniel

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We will be having a litter of French Spaniel Pups due to be whelped in late December. They are a calm, close working pointing dog. There are not very many in the United States. These are an entirely different breed than a French Brittany.

We have been trying to educate folks about the breed. If you want to know more about them click on the following web-site and examine the links on the side. You can also contact me at the e-mail listed below:

[email protected]

www.minnesotafrenchspaniels.com OK by Rick

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Thank all of you for your interest in the French Spaniel and our expected December litter. We've had a lot of inquiries and a huge number of hits on our web site. The referral counter said most of the hits came from Fishing Minnesota.

Just to clear a few things up...Many folks are confused and thought that the French Spaniel is the same as the French Brittany. They are different breeds. Both good dogs but different. Outside of Quebec there are not a lot of these dogs in North America.

The French Spaniel is the largest of the spaniels and might best be described as a dog with a Springer face, markings/color but with a setter-like body. The French Spaniel hunts at a close distance and at a very comfortable pace for the foot hunter. If you want a dog that is going to be out there covering a lot of ground in a short time the French Spaniel is not for you.

Some e-mails said I didn't leave my phone number...It could have been found on the "Contact Info"in my web site but it is good to know that I may have to make it easier to find on the site. Thanks for making me aware of this. Our number is 507-635-5306.

Thanks to Rick for letting us share info on a dog that is just starting to make its impact in the USA. Visitors are welcome anytime but please call ahead of time. Again you can look at the links/or e-mail me (above post) for more info on the breed.

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