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Best trip yet...

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Just back from three weeks in Canada and it was the best trip yet--fishing great, weather great, cabins and lakes were terrific. Started at Rainy Lake (Coppen's Resort)and once weather turned, on Thursday June 11, bass moved on to beds and we finished strong there. Top bass was 20", also got 7 in the 19-inch range, and a ton more over 18". Then my wife joined me and I flew into Grant Lake (Gateway North Outfitters)where the bass were also on bed, got a 20-incher first day, my wife got one 19 1/2 and we had great bass fishing. Next up, Pipestone (also Gateway)boat-in and the bass were still on bed. Tried not fishing beds, but didn't find much action away from the beds until the last day when I finally started getting some shallow and not on bed. But the fishing was simply spectacular in the areas where they were on bed. Finally, went to Kay Lake (Nestor Falls Outfitters)where bass fishing continued to be incredible and I finished up with some musky fishing and got a 36-incher. Can't say enough about the outfitters, I fished the spots they recommended and they were spot-on. Bout the only thing I could say that might be useful to others is that, at times, I did fish Gulp Alive leeches, right along side live leeches--and they worked just about as good. Saw lots of deer and beaver and it's a great change from South Florida...

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Nice report. Heading up to Nestor Falls in a few days for a week of fishing. Fishing bass on beds is a bit controversial up North F.Y.I. I'm not going to try and lecture but just wanted to let you know. Anyways, thanks for the report kodiac!

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    • I think you, or the person at Ace, meant "Sheet metal". That's what they're used for....sheet metal and HVAC work. They have a self-tapping thread. Look on your furnace where the sheet-metal ducting is!   Also called "sheet metal screws".  
    • Reminds me of a memorable morning at our place when  THREE male's landed on a front picture window ledge and just sat there for a few minutes looking in.  What a glorious sight!  They were likely just moving through because we do not see them during a normal summer. In fact this summer we have noticed a decline in many species; no bluebirds at all, only a couple doves, fewer swallows, not as many wrens (but still plenty of them) and for the first time a pair of cowbirds. Normal mornings are like a symphony around here just about daybreak.
    • forgot I made this post, I fished a lake here in SD last weekend that has a sunken road way and bridge completely submerged. Its gotten to the point the concrete has fallen apart under water but you can still see most of the structure in tact but also some rebar etc.   I wanted to get a screen capture but as usual that exact spot was popular and already occupied with other boats playing bumper boats to anchor and fish near and I didn't want to intrude on their fishing space just for a picture. 
    • Good post and discussion. I'm convinced not more than 10%, and that might be stretching it and I include myself in the 90%, know how to use their equipment. Every fishing site is loaded with similar posts.
    • I looked everywhere for the screws in the first post and nobody knew what I was talking about till I went to Ace, where I should have gone first. They are actually considered a sheetrock screw! I can't see any use for them with sheetrock but I was told it was because of the coating on them. I have a beat up old trailer house at hunting camp and they are perfect for putting warped metal siding back together and super sharp like a self piercing screw. Sometimes they are called gutter screws too. The hex ones do work great for boots and four wheeler tires.  
    • I liked Lavine too, but coming off ACL surgery you get the feeling that he will lose some of that explosiveness that made him fun to watch.
    • And remember, turkey is not pork and doesn't benefit from high internal temperatures.   It dries out if overcooked.  160 is plenty, maybe even a little less. 
    • Also, turkey doesn't need to be "low and slow" to get to be tender. Crank the heat to 250+ if you like. I've had the smaller breasts done in just 2 1/2 to 3 hrs. FWIW, I just rub it down with olive oil and apply your favorite rub.  If injecting at all, Creole Butter is a nice, quick, easy option. Apple mixed with cherry or hickory are my favorite woods to use.    
    • Well, that was interesting! The same trade that would have been good last year is seemingly brilliant this year. Butler immediately shores up our defense and creates additional scoring for this young, suddenly legitimate team. Great move to start the new year, and a good draft prospect at #16 to boot. While I do like Lavine, we seemed to do a bit better with him sidelined which is not an indictment on his talent, but rather proof that he didn't quite fit our scheme. All in all, this was about as lopsided a trade as I can think of and we should be pretty darn happy with the return we got!
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