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  1. It's a U-Boat style of tube with the stripping net on the front that you remove to get in and out. They are really stable, the biggest thing for me was getting in and out while on the water. It's a bit awkward if it's too deep next to cattails but still doable. I recommend flippers and a life jacket that doesn't have the flotation on the shoulders. Also a leash for the shotgun. I'll see if I can dig up some photos of my tube after work. Also look at the ones that actually put you on the surface of the water instead of submerged waist deep. It makes a difference when you hunt for any length of time.
  2. I bought a float tube last year to use on solo hunts. I also made a ghillie cover that drapes over the tube and then I wear a ghillie jacket. I think it's a real fun way to hunt, especially when ducks are on the deck coming right at you. You definitely have to keep yourself in check when swinging on shots. I use it on calm days and along with flippers to move about and retrieve. Like everything else, it has a time and a place. I haven't seen the muskrat huts but they do look pretty slick. I do wonder about how much your field of vision would be limited by a flip over blind.
  3. I use a plastic spool. I've thought about installing a removable arm that the spool could sit on which would make it much smoother to deploy and bring in. Wrapping rope around the spool can be a chore when your dealing with a lot of line but it saves me my fishing partner the hassle of dealing with tangles and knots all the time.
  4. My hound has always been pretty sensitive about his nails. We introduced the dremmel a few months back slowly doing a nail here and there and now he's completely fine with it. Having him stand made a big difference for us too. If you do dremmel, just make sure you don't spend much time on 1 nail as they become hot very fast. I do a light 2 second grind and move on to the next nail. I've clipped a quick once and never want to go through that again.
  5. We were checked by 2 gentlemen after our opener hunt. Checked licenses and plugs then proceeded to tell us about the AIS issue and how they will be enforcing it more later in the season. No weeds on decoys, boats etc. along with pulling plugs on watercrafts. Spent the next 20 minutes cleaning weeds off of everything.....ugh. They were very friendly and professional about everything and seemed to be annoyed by the AIS issue just as much as hunters are. I'm giving serious thought to changing my j-hook style weights with something easier and quicker to clean weeds off of. Probably going to bring a small broom to brush weeds from the canoe too. Lets hope AIS laws don't get any worse.
  6. I eat whatever I shoot and I do bag a few coots from time to time. I think it comes down to preparation of the meat prior to cooking. I brine them for 2-3 days changing the salt+water out twice a day. I usually throw mine into the next batch of jerky or goose burgers. IMO as long as your decent at cooking and do the necessary prep work, they really aren't bad.
  7. I'd say we always need more CO's out there. What I can do without is funding 2+ people per launch to sit in a chair check for invasives.
  8. I saw the same thing Sunday morning. As low as 65 in one area and most others in the 68-75 range. Looks like both of us need a new temp gauge.
  9. So happy this all went down. Now I just hope the lockout doesn't become an issue.
  10. I use mine sometimes on really hot days with a high UV index. I've only used it to cover my neck but I think they are great. I've been badly burned too many times that I won't let it happen again. Sunburn is just miserable and a serious concern of mine if I'm out in the sun all day. Well worth the cash.
  11. I have a 6 tray Nesco I use for mainly Jerky, Dog treats and fruits/vegetables. I'd recommend purchasing a cheap plug-in timer to use with the dehydrator instead of looking for the option built in at a premium.
  12. I can't blame em'. I'd love to spend my Summer in Canada.
  13. JimBuck

    NHL playoffs

    Tortorella needs to grow up a little bit. The post game press talk behavior is just childish. I understand he's passionate about the game but have some decency. I remember doing the same thing during the 04' playoffs with the lightning. I also think LA is looking pretty unstoppable right now. I have a hard time rooting for any of the teams at this point but I think LA is the team to beat.
  14. Depending on boat size....if you end up going with one unit, you could use the additional cord length and just purchase an additional mount to run the unit from the bow if your fishing up there. I've been doing this in my 16' for a few years and while it is another step to add before fishing, I didn't want to spend the money on another unit for the front. The cords are encased in a protective sheath to keep them organized. When I move to the back of the boat to drive I just clamp the unit in the back mount and wrap the remainder of the cord around the base to stay out of the way. Just something to think about. Good luck with the purchase.
  15. Just spooled some up last weekend. Seems nice and quiet. I've casted with it a few times and like the feel. I am not much of an original PP guy but this stuff is quite different. So far, so good.
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