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Onboard chargers - shared power or dedicated banks?

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I think my onboard charger is going bad, so I'm going to replace it.

It's a 3-bank, 10A per bank charger. Each bank is totally independent of each other. It was very advanced for its time, and even today there are few with the same features. Each bank could be set separately for four different battery types, and it had the built-in equalization/desulfation mode that could be selected per bank. It is the first version of the MinnKota MK 330.

Sorta bummed it is acting up.


Now I see there are some chargers that "share" power between banks. Meaning, the 20A or what ever will divide according, theoretically, to which ever battery needs the most. And, of course, there are the ones with fully dedicated banks that do not share current between them.

Anyone had both types and care to comment on if they've noticed any difference in battery life, charge times, etc.?

For better or for worse?

I have some theories of my own, but wanted to hear some other thoughts on it.

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In the past I had a charger that was shared power. It worked fine, I don't really have anything good or bad to say about it. The chargers I've had lately are Dual Pro dedicated bank chargers and I've been really happy with them and don't think I'll be changing away from them anytime soon.....they're very popular with a lot of other guys as well.

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