Getting a Grip on Transitional Bass

When trying to assess the behavior of transitional bass, we need to take into consideration not only the movements and transitions that bass make season within season, but also the daily transitions that occur throughout the entire year. Let's first breakdown the seasonal transitions and then cover all aspects of variables that cause daily or nightly transitions within these stages of each particular season. The first seasonal transition occurs during the late winter / early spring time frame
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  • In The Zone For Verticall ...


    In The Zone For Vertically Stacked Bass By Brett Richardson

    The first migrations of the late winter / early spring can be interrupted by multiple fronts and high wind conditions. This scenario forces migratory smallmouth and largemouth bass to be stacked vertically throughout the water column, as both groups of big fish and solitary giants make their way toward secondary staging locations. Many trophy bass [hunt here...] [ Read More ... ]

    Five of Fishing’s Diamo ...


    Five of Fishing’s Diamonds in the Rough – the top Midwest fisheries

    Easy as an angler to get caught up with that tide and chase after the most popular girl in the class, but there are some incredible opportunities at top Midwest fisheries that often fly under the radar.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and such is the case of fish popularity.  Walleyes, for [hunt here...] [ Read More ... ]

  • Spring Canadian Bea...


    Spring Canadian Bear Hunting; an incredible cast and blast adventure

    While spot and stalk is an option for black bear hunting in some western States and Provinces where there is more open range for spotting, the heavily timbered Canadian Shield typically requires baiting sites.  Canadian spring black bear hunting in both Manitoba and Saskatchewan offer an outdoor overdose for hunters and anglers.  Long days are [hunt here...] [ Read More ... ]

    Sturgeon Bay Open B...


    Sturgeon Bay Open Bass Tournament Celebrates 25th Anniversary

    One of competitive bass fishing’s longest running rites of spring marks a historic milestone this season. The Sturgeon Bay Open Bass Tournament is celebrating 25 years of team-format action on one of the world’s premier smallmouth bass fisheries. Held May 15-17 on Lake Michigan’s legendary Sturgeon Bay in Wisconsin, the non-profit event has donated more [hunt here...] [ Read More ... ]

    Ten Ideas to Cure t...


    Ten Ideas to Cure the Winter Fishing Blues

    For many fly fishing enthusiasts, this winter has been especially long and hard – and for others it always seems to be a long time before the start of the summer fishing season. Here are ten ideas to help shake off those winter blues and start looking forward to summer. Reward yourself with an early [hunt here...] [ Read More ... ]

    Bald eagles on spri...


    Bald eagles on spring migration back to Minnesota

    Bald eagles are migrating back to Minnesota and may be seen in large numbers across parts of the state over the next few weeks, according to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. “Ice is breaking up along the rivers, so it’s definitely time for folks to keep their eyes out,” said Lisa Gelvin-Innvaer, DNR regional [hunt here...] [ Read More ... ]