Catching pre-spawn walleyes in rivers

The first week of March features typical late-winter temperatures in the low 30s. Warm spring weather slowly increases the water temperatures, until the icy cold snowmelt hits the main stem of the river, causing water temps to crash back down. The water will stay cold until most of the snow is gone, allowing the soils to warm and either absorb the snowmelt, or transfer the soil's heat to the spring runoff. Pre-spawn walleyes respond to this burst of icy cold water in predictable ways. First of a
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  • Bald eagles on spring migration back to Minnesota

    Bald eagles on spring migration back to Minnesota


    Bald eagles are migrating back to Minnesota and may be seen in large numbers across parts of the state over the next few weeks, according to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. “Ice is breaking up along the rivers, so it’s definitely time for folks to keep their eyes out,” said Lisa Gelvin-Innvaer, DNR regional [hunt here...] [ Read More ... ]

    Spring Shed Hunting

    Spring Shed Hunting


    There’s not a lot better to beat cabin fever than spring shed hunting! Lately with the winters we’ve been having, the spring shed season seems like late winter. Either way, here’s our guide to finding shed antlers and getting a jump on next season’s scouting. Gear Like many deer hunting related activities, spring shed hunting [hunt here...] [ Read More ... ]

    Ten Ideas to Cure the Win ...


    Ten Ideas to Cure the Winter Fishing Blues

    For many fly fishing enthusiasts, this winter has been especially long and hard – and for others it always seems to be a long time before the start of the summer fishing season. Here are ten ideas to help shake off those winter blues and start looking forward to summer. Reward yourself with an early [hunt here...] [ Read More ... ]

    NAIFC Ice Fishing Trail, ...


    NAIFC Ice Fishing Trail, Uncanny Competitive Consistency

    Perhaps paralleling the footsteps of Roland Martin and Kevin VanDam, hardwater anglers Brandon Newby and Ryan Wilson recently capped another sensational season on the ice, capturing two more tournament wins as well as their third consecutive Team of the Year title on the popular North American Ice Fishing Circuit (NAIFC). In the early 70s, the [hunt here...] [ Read More ... ]

  • Humminbird Pros ‘...


    Humminbird Pros ‘Buzz’ About Technology At Coldest Classic Ever

    Anglers appeared on South Carolina’s Lake Hartwell for Day 1 of the Coldest Bassmaster Classic in history dressed in layers and state-of-the-art rain and winter wear, many with hand warmer-lined pockets and gloves, heated muscle packs, even small portable propane heaters. “You just have to get out there and fish … and consistently get big [hunt here...] [ Read More ... ]

    Tenzing’s Inn...


    Tenzing’s Innovative Turkey Backpack Is One Of Prestigious 2015 Gray’s Best

    Sixteen products were honored by Gray’s Sporting Journal in 2015, including Tenzing’s one-of-a-kind TZ TP14 Turkey backpack, which Gray’s called, “the calling card of a company that’s relatively new on the scene and already pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in hunting packs and vests.” Industry-leading Tenzing Outdoors provides high-tech, hunter-friendly backpacks for every hunting [hunt here...] [ Read More ... ]

    How to Care for and...


    How to Care for and Transport Scent Free Gear

    Let’s face it, many well meaning hunters make the investment in scent control clothing and gear to stay scent free, but do little to protect and preserve it. The hardworking hunter scrimps and saves, gets extra hours at work, picks up side jobs and, eventually, come August, he’s saved enough to invest in the newest, [hunt here...] [ Read More ... ]

    Youth Ice Fishing L...


    Youth Ice Fishing League Heats Up

    Youth anglers across the country are competing in a youth ice fishing season this winter and, with a little less than three weeks left in the 2015 AAL Youth Ice Fishing Season, the young ice anglers that are getting on the ice consistently are putting some serious fish through the ice.  The midwestern states like [hunt here...] [ Read More ... ]