Dropshot Rig for Panfish

“A dropshot rig is absolutely beautiful for putting a bait at the fish’s eye level—right where they’ve got no choice but to eat it.” Despite its 'advanced' connotation, the dropshot rig couldn’t be simpler. Think split-shot rig in reverse. As a softbait delivery method, the dropshot excels for bass. So it’s no surprise that small baits twitched and wiggled in new and tantalizing ways hold equal appeal for crappies, sunfish and big perch. If you can cast, you’re in. If you can
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  • Tenzing’s Innovative Turkey Backpack Is One Of Prestigious 2015 Gray’s Best

    Tenzing’s Innovative Turkey Backpack Is One Of Prestigious 2015 Gray’s Best


    Sixteen products were honored by Gray’s Sporting Journal in 2015, including Tenzing’s one-of-a-kind TZ TP14 Turkey backpack, which Gray’s called, “the calling card of a company that’s relatively new on the scene and already pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in hunting packs and vests.” Industry-leading Tenzing Outdoors provides high-tech, hunter-friendly backpacks for every hunting [hunt here...] [ Read More ... ]

    North Country Walleye ‘ ...


    North Country Walleye ‘Meat’ The Precision Jigs

    Methods like the jig and meat combo start to shine right about now, when cold snaps start getting measured in weeks and that first-freeze rush has kind of petered out. Walleye are still absolutely catchable using lures and jigs with more razzle dazzle, stroked quicker. But season after season, batting cleanup with a well-placed baitfish [hunt here...] [ Read More ... ]

    Late ice crappie patterns


    Late ice crappie patterns

    The last period of safe ice typically offers some of the best ice fishing of the year for panfish like bluegill and crappie.  For crappies in particular, we often find fish shallow and the fish can often be fairly aggressive.  Finding crappie is often a matter of connecting the dots; on most lakes and flowages, [hunt here...] [ Read More ... ]

  • Minnesota’s moose...


    Minnesota’s moose population remains at low levels

    The DNR has conducted aerial moose population surveys in northeastern Minnesota since 1960. A spotter counts moose as a pilot flies a helicopter across 52 randomly selected plots of 13 square miles. “Survey conditions this year were generally good across moose range, although there was much less snow compared to last year,” said Cornicelli. Data [hunt here...] [ Read More ... ]

    How to Care for and...


    How to Care for and Transport Scent Free Gear

    Let’s face it, many well meaning hunters make the investment in scent control clothing and gear to stay scent free, but do little to protect and preserve it. The hardworking hunter scrimps and saves, gets extra hours at work, picks up side jobs and, eventually, come August, he’s saved enough to invest in the newest, [hunt here...] [ Read More ... ]

    Youth Ice Fishing L...


    Youth Ice Fishing League Heats Up

    Youth anglers across the country are competing in a youth ice fishing season this winter and, with a little less than three weeks left in the 2015 AAL Youth Ice Fishing Season, the young ice anglers that are getting on the ice consistently are putting some serious fish through the ice.  The midwestern states like [hunt here...] [ Read More ... ]

    Mobility On the Ice...


    Mobility On the Ice, The Way To Stay On Fish

      Ice fishing isn’t for everybody, but for some it holds a special place in our hearts. Some may think we are a bit crazy for walking out on a frozen pond or lake, but there is something about the sound the auger makes as it chews through the ice that keeps us coming back [hunt here...] [ Read More ... ]