Where did the panfish go – Summer Panfish Patterns

The springtime panfish flurry doesn’t last forever, and those same aggressive-natured fish will once again become less energetic and transform into wandering nomads, only feeding when their bellies tell them to. No longer do they devour whatever presents itself, or at least not in areas where we once sat wide-eyed at springtime and early summer. Now they are on a different path - a path that leads them into the dog days of summer… Here's how to track those summer panfish patterns. Many an
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  • Iowa Fishing Reports

    Iowa Fishing Reports


    The weekly Iowa Fishing Reports are compiled from information gathered from local bait shops, angler creel surveys, and county and state parks staff. Know where to go to get the best catch in your area.   NORTHWEST Iowa Fishing Reports Yellow Smoke Park Lake An electrofishing survey was conducted on 5-29-15. Bluegill up to 9.5 [hunt here...] [ Read More ... ]

    Michigan Fishing Reports

    Michigan Fishing Reports


    The what and where of Michigan Fishing Reports – we’ve got the inside scoop. The catch and keep bass season on Lake St. Clair, the St. Clair River, the Detroit River and the Michigan-Wisconsin Boundary Waters opened on Saturday, June 20.  Heavy rain and windy conditions have scattered fish in the Great Lakes and caused [hunt here...] [ Read More ... ]

    Walleye fishing opener: m ...


    Walleye fishing opener: make technology work for you!

    The opening of walleye fishing season across the Walleye Belt is a time of great anticipation, when ‘opener’ traditions among family and friends are once again enjoyed, and dormant friendships with bait shop owners are rekindled. Whether you push away from the dock at 12.01am on the first day of the season, or take a [hunt here...] [ Read More ... ]

    Creating lake maps for wa ...


    Creating lake maps for walleyes just got easier

    Larger, established bodies of water get a lot of attention from walleye anglers, but there are a few areas in the country that really stand out to me for having numerous small lake fishing opportunities that are top notch. Biggest challenge of finding good walleye fishing on some smaller bodies of water is finding which lake [hunt here...] [ Read More ... ]

  • Michigan deer hunti...


    Michigan deer hunting restrictions change for U.P.

    Following the Natural Resources Commission’s monthly meeting in Monroe, Michigan, it has been announced that the Michigan deer hunting restrictions for antlerless deer will change for 2015. They have decided to eliminate the harvest of antlerless deer during the archery season for hunters using deer or deer combo licenses in the Upper Peninsula. The restriction, [hunt here...] [ Read More ... ]

    Michigan confirms ...


    Michigan  confirms highly pathogenic avian influenza

    The Michigan departments of Natural Resources (DNR) and Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) has announced the state’s first confirmed cases of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) H5N2 in the state. Three free-ranging Canada goose goslings collected last week in Sterling Heights, Macomb County, were delivered to the DNR’s Wildlife Disease Laboratory for necropsy. Initial testing [hunt here...] [ Read More ... ]

    Get involved in the...


    Get involved in the Michigan spring turkey season

    The Michigan spring turkey season is now in full swing! There are two important Michigan spring turkey hunting opportunities, and the Department of Natural Resources wants you to get involved. Firstly, the commemorative 2015 Wild Turkey Management Cooperator patches are available from the Michigan Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation. In a partnership with [hunt here...] [ Read More ... ]

    Michigan Museum Iro...


    Michigan Museum Iron Artifacts Added

    New Michigan Museum Artifacts, excavated by Michigan Technological University archaeologists, are being added to the permanent exhibits and featured among the highlights of the Michigan Iron Industry Museum’s open house Sunday, May 17. The artifacts expand the interpretation of the Carp River Forge, located across the river from the museum. The forge was the first iron [hunt here...] [ Read More ... ]