Ice Fishing Fever is off to a head start!

A growing number of shows and retail promotions are fueling #anglers' passion for #ice fishing, while providing a chance to enjoy discount prices on promising new gear and learn the latest tips and tricks for catching more #fish this winter. Even while soft water still covers lakes and rivers across the North, industry insiders report that the ice fishing season is already off to a strong start. "I've been in and around ice fishing promotions for more than two decades, and for many years it s
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  • Trout streams of your dreams

    Trout streams of your dreams


    Adventure takes many roads, and if you’re lucky, it takes you to trout streams, too! If you’re really lucky, you’ll get to share it with your children. Fathers often dream of big adventure with their kids, journeys that take them far from home while bringing them closer together. For many of us, though, work and [hunt here...] [ Read More ... ]

    Deer Hunter Safety – ...


    Deer Hunter Safety – Climbing Higher? Don’t Forget to Stay Connected. New Product

    #Deer Hunter Safety You’re a hunter who knows what your doing when it comes to deer hunter safety, right. Unfortunately the tendency is to minimize the risk in your mind. Little shortcuts won’t hurt is a common thought process. But, when you fall out of a tree during your whitetail deer hunt the results can [hunt here...] [ Read More ... ]

    Save the family vacation: ...


    Save the family vacation: remember the mosquito repellant!

    My family and I have always taken at least one summer vacation into God’s Country – Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. We love the UP for several reasons, the wildlife and scenery, new adventures and old favorites and, most of all, time together. But adventuring in the UP isn’t for everyone – there is a healthy population [hunt here...] [ Read More ... ]

  • How to get your wife ice fishing:
  • Top U.P. muskie fis...


    Top U.P. muskie fishing

    When an avid angler hears about one of the most premier opportunities for muskie fishing in the eastern U.P., they should probably take note. The fishery I’m referring to is Dollarville Flooding, located in Luce County in the Tahquamenon River drainage. The muskies there are primarily from wild stock and it provides plenty of opportunity [hunt here...] [ Read More ... ]

    Wisconsin Fishing R...


    Wisconsin Fishing Reports and Outdoor Updates

    Forecast looks great for Fourth of July weekend; rivers returning to normal levels, sandbars reappearing on lower Wisconsin River Find Wisconsin fishing reports here. While several major storm cells made their way through Wisconsin this week, the large rain events of the past month have generally lessened. Water bodies are returning to normal levels, but [hunt here...] [ Read More ... ]

    Iowa Fishing Reports


    Iowa Fishing Reports

    The weekly Iowa Fishing Reports are compiled from information gathered from local bait shops, angler creel surveys, and county and state parks staff. Know where to go to get the best catch in your area.   NORTHWEST Iowa Fishing Reports Yellow Smoke Park Lake An electrofishing survey was conducted on 5-29-15. Bluegill up to 9.5 [hunt here...] [ Read More ... ]

    Michigan Fishing Re...


    Michigan Fishing Reports

    The what and where of Michigan Fishing Reports – we’ve got the inside scoop. The catch and keep bass season on Lake St. Clair, the St. Clair River, the Detroit River and the Michigan-Wisconsin Boundary Waters opened on Saturday, June 20.  Heavy rain and windy conditions have scattered fish in the Great Lakes and caused [hunt here...] [ Read More ... ]

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