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This is a select HotSpot of the best gill fishing minds around! We are all about protecting larger gills. This is a place we are able to share those special places that offer trophy gills.
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  2. Last winter I got some of the maki xl mino's and the worked great on bigger crappies, but they kept the gills away. I think they would work great for perch and eyes. I am hearing lots of good things about ballzies. Any every try them.
  3. The plastic I saw that caught my eye is the maki leach. It is one inch long and a wider plastic. I really like the action on the super soft maki plastics. I think the leach should be a go to bait for me this winter.
  4. There are ponds in Sherburne Wildlife Refuge that have massive gills, but they changed the rules so you can only get to them during hunting seasons.
  5. Around the Princeton area there places that hid huge trophy sized gills. One of these lakes is Silver Lake everyone told me it was a bullhead lake. Well my wife's cousin married a guy who lives on the lake and the spring after the winter kill was a shocker to me. I seen numbers of 9 to 11 inch gills dead along with big crappies. It is about time to fish this lake to see what made it. Another big gill producing lake around is South Stanchfield. This lake got pounded for crappies and walleyes. Let me tell you the gills are what made me fish the lake. I never got huge numbers but the fish I caught were all over 9 inches. If you like big perch it has them too.

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