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Found 3 results

  1. so my wife is really liking the idea of purchasing a ice castle for camping/ice fishing-I'm still hesitant on the idea, as I like my mobility- but from what I gathered, it seems like Ice Castle has turned around their quality as far as axles and frames go starting around 2010- seems like the major issues have been resolved? I'm really liking the Mille lacs or lake of the woods hybrid models 8x16-with AC and their layouts; but what I've been noticing for the short period of time that I have been looking is that they are really hard to find on the used market! used ones go for nearly as much as new ones or used ones from private sellers are asking for more than what dealers are asking for, and by the time I call a dealer with a used one, they have them sold instantly. I like the idea of purchasing from a dealer due to having alittle bit of some service especially since they have been alittle cheaper-anyone have better luck finding a better pick during late spring-summer months? I would have thought the late summer to winter would have been the worst times to try to find one
  2. I need to mount a spare tire on the ice castle, cant find a good place in the house so it needs to get mounted on the outside, Ice castle and Outlet Rec charge around $90 with shipping for their mounts, anyone else have a different option? some of the 8 lug mounts on amazon look like they may work and only run around 30-40 bucks, but i would like to know which one if anyone has one
  3. Looking at buying a tandem axle toy hauler ice house that can haul my Polaris General. Ive looked at Firebrand, Yetti, and Glacier. I like Firebrand the most but I want the Happi jac bed and they dont think General will fit. Does anyone own a toy hauler with happi jac that will fit a full size side x side. Mine is 74'' tall and that's the issue.
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