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Use your body and soul to connect with your spirit. Stop engrained negative thought patterns and replace with positive thoughts, feelings and emotions. You have the power to change and feel excited about your day. Find and feel your purpose every morning. That’s the goal, McGee agreed. “We all go through things. We all have a story, and this is a way of overcoming yourself. And if you can overcome yourself first thing in the morning, you can really rule the day.”
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  2. I apologize for the confusion. GreatLIFE is a health and fitness company in Sioux Falls, South Dakota whose mission is to enrich the lives of families and individuals through golf, fitness and healthy lifestyles. AWAKEN is a separate program within GreatLIFE that focuses on the power of your mind, beliefs and behaviors. Yes, I do have a Great Life and it’s getting better every day thanks to the tools and techniques I studied and applied to my own life and then created the AWAKEN program to help others do the same. Hope to see you on January 3rd! Molly
  3. Ok I'm confused. If you're already a GreatLIFE member why would you have to pay $99? Or you're a GreatLIFE member who pays the $99 to join AWAKEN then you have a Great life? May be you could clarify that a bit, because it looks like non-members can just paid $129 to be a Great life member, why become an Awaken member?
  4. Join us January 3rd-31st Monday -Friday at 6 AM CST online from wherever you are! AWAKEN is a fast growing community of people ready to become creators of their own lives. If you’re looking to join a group of likeminded people this is it! Email [email protected] for more information or to register! Cost is $129

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