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     Fishing Minnesota Jackets
       Royal Blue jackets  
       FishingMinnesota Logo &
       "We have MoreFun"
       Show Your Colors Today

     Fishing Minnesota Shirts
       Show Your Colors.

       Authentic Fishing Minnesota Apparel Logo

       Show Your Colors Today

     *** ICE FISHING GEAR ***

     Ice Grippers
       Light & comfortable industrial grade.
       Stop slipping,sliding & falling.
       They will last season after season.

Ice Grippers
Tackle City Ice Fishing Panfish Jigs
Glacier Ice Scout

     Ice Saw
       Ice Fishing Saw & Chipper.
       This is a powerful tool at only 7 lbs.

Ice Saw
Freshwater tackle

     Finicky's Fish factory
       Automatic Jigging Tip-up System.
       Heat exchange keeps hole open.
       Light comes on for night tip-up.

Fish Factory
Ice Buster Bobber
Pro Iceman Tip-up

     Wrist Saver Ice Rods
       Check this out! *New* Ice Fishing Rod & Reel.
       This is going to be a hot item-Get yours today.

WristSaver Rods

     Bucket Buddy
       Ice fishing carry-all
       For hunting & open water too.

Ice fishing bucket carry-all
Angel Eye JR-12 spoons
Glow Devils 12 spoons
Walleye-Perch Kit
Angel Eye Minnow Kit

     Ice Fishing Rod & Gear Bag
       Get rid of that ice pail and
       organize your gear and rods
       for easy traveling to your fishing hole.

Ice Fishing Rod & Gear Bag
Vista Cam
Twin Cities Fishing GuideBrainerd Mille Lacs Area Fishing Guide
GPS Lake Maps

     *** FISHING GEAR ***

     Millenniun Lure
       See Why These Are Better

       Demanded by Gamefish Everywhere

       Walleye & Bass Cry For These Baits

       You Will Too If You Lose Em

Tackle City Open Water Panfish Jigs

      Infiltrator Spinner Rig Kits
       Slow those spinners down.
       Now You Can! One of a Kind Spinners.

       Stop nicking your line

       Get rid of those clumsy clevises

       Hottest Spinners to hit the market.

       For Walleyes, Panfish, & Pike.

Hottest Spinners to hit the market
Hottest Spinners to hit the market
200 pc jig kit
Precision Trolling Book

     Wave Buster Bobber
       Further casts.
       Line zips through it.
       Snaps on and off line.
       Lays down if your jig touches bottom
       A truly finesse bobber.

Wave Buster Bobbers

     Foam Walkers
       Snag resistant slip sinkers.
       Advanced technology for the pros.

Foam Walker Slip Sinkers

     Bobber With A Brain
       Slip Bobber Sets Correct Depth Everytime.
       Advanced Technology
       No Bobber Stop Needed.

Bobber With A Brain

     Bucket Buddy
       Fishing carry-all
       For hunting & open water too.

fishing bucket carry-all
     Flag Display Case
       Proudly Display Military Honors.
       Honor Those who serve our country.
       For Firemen and Policemen Too.
       Fishing Tackle Display cases available.
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