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In-Fisherman says:
"Dear Folks, Thanks for the reports on your web page. I work at In-Fisherman... just gave Al your page address. He just used it for an upcoming filming trip. You guys are a great help!"

Mike Simpson
Producer In-Fisherman

Connect with
Millions of Friends

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A satisfied FishingMinnesota client says,
We are currently linked to 20 some sites.

Most are NOT exceptionally effective in generating reservations. Our traffic reports reflect little traffic to our site generated by many of these liinks.

Some exceptions are, and

Timber Trail

Another client says,
"Rick, just booked my first trip for this Saturday and the website hasn't even been up for a week. Thanks a lot for all your help and the great product.
Mille Lacs Area Guide Service

Another... "Rick - Thanks for setting up the web sight.Talked to Joni a little while ago, and she stated that they have already received an order from your web site. She can't thank you enough."

Maverick Mfg.

And Another
"The website you market for me is more than helpful to me and I received plenty of business from it."

Jeremy Smith
Big Time Muskie Guide Service

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"Thanks again Rick for everything you help me out with, I am seeing the results too, calls are coming in from your site--great!"
Backwater Eddy
Backwater Eddie's Guide Service

"Hi Rick,
I know I talked to you only last night but I was home for a few minutes this morning and already received a call from a guy coming in from L.A. on Thursday. I will be on the water Friday with him and his son for walleye's on a metro lake.

Terry Hagstrom
Terry's Guide Service
President-Minnesota Walleye Alliance

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This Internet HotSpotOutdoors started as a hobby.
Rick Paquin is an Internet developer and marketer with over 12 years experience (old-timer by Internet standards). Outdoors Minnesota was his hobby site (He loves fishing and the people associated with the outdoors).

In January 1998 he decided his hobby had to pay for itself. So, he began marketing Fishing Minnesota with specialized skills and insider secrets.

In one year we improved from 8,000 visits a month to 123,000 plus. is the number one midwest based outdoor site according to an independent Internet traffic audit group.
That's right, #1. is also the #1 fishing site in the world. We've now cracked 1 million visitors in a month.

Not hits mind you but actual sessions or visits
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How did we grow like that?
Simply put, marketing equals building relationships, regardless of what medium you use. The Internet just happens to be a cost effective way to build relationships.

By the time Rick decided to market his hobby, the tools and knowledge were there to take him towards his dream. Now he has fun helping others realize their dreams. Outdoor people are some of the best people on the planet.

His clients aren't just customers, they can be counted among his friends. What job could be better?

Start building your relationships with anglers now.
To heck with 176,000 monthly visitors, why not a 1/2 million or even more.

Hook-up with Fishing Minnesota. We've already done a lot of the work for you. Tap into what many others have already taken advantage of ó anglers who would love to know more about you right here, right now.

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I will send you a fishing report wed or thursday. I'm sorry it's been a while. I've been doing tourny's and traveling almost every day! I hope all is going well with you. I just want to say thanks again for this opportunity, it's helped my Guiding out huge!!
Take care buddy,

Chad Harding
Reel Adventures Guide Service

An underutilized tool is opt-in e-mail. We get your message and brand out to thousands. At less than 10% of the cost of direct mail, we save you a bundle. Best of all, it's to a targeted audience of Minnesota anglers.

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"Rick, Thank you for all the help it has been great working with you,also thanks for all the hints to make my website good..Again thank you"
Jason Boser
Fishing Fever Guides

"You have to talk to Fishing Minnesota. They can really give your business a boost. You'll like working with Rick."
Ron Hunter
Judd's Resort

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GoodFishin : )
Rick Paquin

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Another satisfied client says:

"Thank you all for the new clients I have had as a direct result of your websites! Have a great day with the friends and family!"
GO VIKINGS!.....Ace. 

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Comments & Information About Our Business

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 Another satisfied member says:

"I really enjoy reading about your fishing reports and have changed trips cause of them. Thanks again,"
Jon Hedin
Tales of the Ultimate Sportsmen

  GoodFishin : )
Rick Paquin
Fishing Minnesota
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