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Float tube guy

Utilizing bait for channels.

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I'm Fairly new to catfishing... i've got the location part down but when is the right time to use different styles of bait. cut bait,stink bait, live bait....ect.

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well i know that,but when is it the time to switch up baits, Like when to use Dip bait, worms,Shrimp,Anything basicly

Are you looking for some kind of Cliff Notes on Catfishing. All the baits you mentioned (Stink Baits; Shrimp; cut bait; nightcrawlers; etc; etc;) will catch channel cats. What is working at any particular time is something you have to establish by using the bait on the end of your hook. I have some confidence baits that have worked for me and I always start with my confidence baits and then move from there if I don't have success.

My "Go To" bait is fresh, cut bait. I like cut bullhead, cut sucker, or cut anything that is legal. I like fresh, juicy cut bait that I know will leave a good scent trail in the water. Not everyone agrees on cut bait and I've got friends that are very good catfishermen that swear by stink baits and use them almost exclusively.

I can tell you this with utmost confidence - with any good channel cat bait it is all about scent. That is predominately how they find their food. Work baits in this order: Smell, Sound, Sight. Look at the water you normally fish in - most of the time it is stained, dirty, with high to moderate current. How do you think they find your bait? They smell it first, if it is alive it is probably struggling and making vibrations that sound alerts them when they get near, and finally they stumble on it and see it from inches away.

So when do you switch up baits? When you lose confidence in what you are currently using. I personally just start changing baits more often and try to keep a good scent trail in the water. Don't let your bait sit in one spot forever. Move it a few feet left or right, closer or farther out. Try to put it near where you think a fish will pick up the scent trail.

Lastly, don't be discouraged by a SKUNK day. It goes with catfishing especially at this time of year. If I get skunked that is just catfishing - it makes me want to go again the next night to see if I can find them. There is no magic bait - just time on the water and finding good spots that will produce fish under that day's conditions.

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    • You will probably need that many to make sure you have one that works ūüėĀ. The last grill I bought was a top of the line charbroil with the side burner yadda yadda. Nearly $600.¬† Lasted barely two years with half the burners no longer working right and finally the grates were a rusted mess and it was replaced by a pellet grill.¬†
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    • I have had great luck w/ my 3 yr old Big Horn. I have always said that the controller and hopper looked a lot like the Pit Boss ¬† ¬† ¬† yeah... I'd say you've got options!
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    • ok so story time...the one that got away but saw the fish.¬† I was ice fishing on Red when the eye fishing was still closed and we went out for an early season excursion about a mile out of Westwind.¬† It was Saturday evening when I my bobber shot down and the fight was on.¬† Now we were only in probably 5-7 ft of water if that but I "tired" the fish out where I was able to get it directly under the hole and all we could see was a monster northern head filling up the hole!!¬† No one would put there hand near that thing, let alone blindly through 2.5 ft of ice, so we just watched it for a minute or two float beneath the hole until I tried to turn it up the hole and the line just snapped when he decided he had had enough!!¬† That was painful not to touch but seeing it and knowing it was all of 44"+ was better than wondering. ¬† Now to the not seen...Ice fishing Waukanabo by Leech in the deep hole on the north end and I see a mark on the bottom and I hook into it and could not budge it off the bottom.¬† I sat there for a few¬†minutes with rod bent over trying to lift it with nothing but my line slowly moving away until pop it spit my lure!!!¬† I think the hole is over 40' deep and with 4lb test mono I guess as much as I applied pressure the hook wasn't in!!¬† ¬† What could have been~ so those are two stories that stick out in my mind and of the 2 the¬†second stings more as I have no clue what it could have been and that¬†runs through my mind but the northern as¬†cool¬†as it would have been to touch measure and what not, to see it and to know¬†how massive it was, makes it¬†"easier" to¬†deal with.¬†