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Up a river without a paddle!

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I have been out on the open water a few times this year and shaking out the bugs from the winter storage and just wonder if any of the rest of you have had some early season woes. Mine started last Thursday night. Third time out with the Tincan and it ran like a top the first 2 trials. For the most part, the boat ran fine right untill it was time to head in for the evening. I had the river to myself with one other boat south and towards the landing. I went to start the motor and the choke assembly pulled out, no big deal, pull the cover and choke it manually. I then proceeded to do just that and couldn't get the motor to fire while attempting to manually choke it and pull the starter rope. No big deal, I am upriver and still have my trusty trolling motor to slowly glide me back to the launch. I started the trolling motor and was coasting slowly back downstream and then it happened. Crunch, clunk sizzle, sizzle, the trolling motor goes kaput. I have no paddle or oars with me so I am slowly drifting downstream but a ray of hope, one other boat that is downstream just fired up and was headed to the landing. I whistled and waved but to no avail. I thought quick, my cellphone, sweet, 2 bars when I usually have none. I called a friend whom I thought was fishing south of me. He answered and graciously said he'd drop his boat back in to give me a tow back. He proceeded to drop back in and started to come after me when I finally got the motor fired and was able to head downstream. Busted choke assembly, later I learned busted drive linkage and a trolling motor that had just had enough. Prodigy, I thank you for your efforts and for dropping your boat back in after you had pulled it. I learned a good lesson that day. I always figured no need for a paddle with a trolling motor for backup and a fresh battery but I was wrong. I did have a nice anchor and could have anchored up for a long night if need be and I could have used the motor as a tiller to guide my slow float downstream but with the darkness fast approaching I didn't relish that idea. So for anyone that is going to just drop her in and go in the coming weeks a few quick checks may save you some headaches. Check your batteries and make sure they are properly charged and have plenty of water, check your battery leads and make sure they aren't corroded. Check your inline fuses and boat and trailer lights to make sure they are in working order. Run your motor either with muffs or in a local body of water and make sure it is proper working order. Grease any of the zerts that might need a pump or two of lubricant. check any wires for fraying or nicks in the insulation. Run your trolling motor for 10-15 minutes to make sure the plugs, steering, battery are all good to go. Make sure you have the new registration, right amount of PFD's and a current liscense in you possesion. Check the trailer tire for the right amount of air pressure. There are a ton of preventitive maintenance type things that you can do before you hit the water that might save you some downtime while on the water. Yes, I went and bought a paddle. I also found that the front deck light on the boat through vibration had wiggled loose and snapped a wire which is now repaired. Check now while on dry land and after your first couple runs on the water and you may save some downtime when the opener rolls around. Just thought I'd share my mishaps to help someone else from running into the same things. Tightlines and be safe out there!


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All great advice Tunrevir, glad you ended up alright. Ours worked like a charm the first few times out, and that even included us putting a new water pump in it - knock on wood...

Also, make sure to check the air in the spare.... ours was about 25 lbs light...

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • big dave 2 and leech, darn good lookin meals!!!!  Dave have a good weekend!!!!
    • Ok Dave have a good weekend. Hope you get over the whole butt hurt Leech deal! Not sure where you got that I don't like folks smoking or grilling things?  I know I do enough. Have fun! 🙂  
    • Heavy rains across northwestern Wisconsin last weekend and early this week have flooded some roads and caused washouts on some highways, roads, state parks, forests and trails. According to the National Weather Service the area has received 7 to 12 inches of rain from Friday through Monday.Several park system property or portions of properties are closed due flooding. Amnicon Falls State Park, closed temporarily but has reopened, though some roads, trails and observation areas remain closed. Pattison State Park is open for camping only; all trails, observation areas, picnic and day-use areas are closed. There are washouts on the dam that forms Interfalls Lake and Highway 35 over the dam is closed. A campground and horse trail are closed at Governor Knowles State Forest and the day use areas along the river at Interstate Park are underwater.Water was roaring over Little Manitou Falls at Pattison State Park.Photo credit: Gervase ThompsonAll rivers in the region are running extremely high. The falls at both Amnicon and Pattison are roaring, but road closures mean observing the falls now is challenging. The Bois Brule and Flambeau rivers are high enough that some canoe launches and campsites are underwater. The water is making its way downstream and the Lower Wisconsin River is running very high with all sandbars submerged and canoeing and kayaking not recommended. The river is expected to crest Muscoda this weekend at 40,000 cubic feet per second. .
    • I'm still going to smoke this fatty while camping this weekend whether Leech likes it or not.....😋       See you fellers on Monday........
    • Rick didn't like all the "My Grills bigger and better then yours" posts!  😅
    • We switched to a new server. Had a glitch in our dB that lost a couple days of posts.
    • I ripped a hole in one of my favorite pairs of fishing shorts just need a decent sized patch to cover her up
    • I am not sure what happened either but we lost all of the posts last couple days not just this thread. And it looks like the same thing happened over on FM site as well. I know the site was down last night while I tried look at it.
    • We had no problems but only brought 10 extra gallons over.  We fished 5 days, pretty much running wherever we wanted and ended with 7 gallons remaining in the boat.  So, we burned 30 gallons of fuel in a 1785 Lund with 90 hp Mercury 4 stroke.   I thought that was pretty good!
    • Seems to me that we are missing an entire page from this thread that was here yesterday.... what gives?