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Rigging up a Bass box?

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I fish mostly walleyes. But being I live very close to a few awesome Bass lakes I figure I will get into bass fishing a bit. What do I need in my new box to keep me happy in the boat. I already have some spinning rods and will be picking up a couple casting rigs. What does one need?

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Where to start??? I'll list my Top 5 go-to lures in no particular order....

1.) Gary Yamamoto Senkos

2.) Yamamoto 3 1/2" Tubes

3.) SPRO Dean Rojas Frog

4.) Football Jigs

5.) YUM Money Minnows

This list doesn't even scratch the surface, but I clearly like pitching plastics!!!!

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Here is what a starter list might include...

Spinnerbaits - double willow and colorados in white, chart, black/blue

Swim jigs - check the swimjig thread

Football head jigs - 1/4 up to 3/4 oz.

Cranks - three sections here

a. Lipless cranks such as Rat'l traps and Strike King Red Eye Shad in chrome/black, gold/black, firetiger, sexy shad

b. Shallow diving and Stickbaits - Mann's Baby 1 Minus, Rapala DT-01 Fat, and Rapala floating along with huskys. Many different colors work well - great early season bait over young weeds

c. Deep Cranks - I love Rapala DT-6, DT-10, and DT-16. Depending on the depth you are fishing, pick one, cast it out and reel it in. Bump a rock, you better hang on tight.

Plastics - Too many to list, but a few would be soft plastic jerk baits (senko, dinger, comida) 7" curl tail worms, creature baits, tubes, craws. There are so many out there.

Terminal tackle - worm weights, split shot, 2/0 - 5/0 wide gap worm hooks, 1/0 and 2/0 Finesse Wide Gap Gamakatsu's, tube weight/rattles.

Anything else you want to know, just go jump in Deitz's boat and go for a ride.

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1. Senkos

2. Spinnerbaits

3. Lipless Cranks

4. Flippin'\Pitchin' Jigs

5. Topwater baits (Frogs, Zara Spook)

That should cover all the differant water columns.

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1. jig worms using 1/8 ounce jigs

2. Dt raps, or bomber crankbaits

3. spinnerbaits

4. Soft body spwimbaits,stikeking,yum,powerbait ect.....

5. football jigs

6. sometop water or propbait......rage tails!!!

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