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Stereo Installation

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I recently picked up a Sony CDXH905IP receiver that I plan on installing in my 88' Sylvan Backtroller. After doing some poking around it's going to be pretty tough to find a spot to put the stereo without cutting into the foam on either side of the boat. I've looked at some gimbal housing options to avoid cutting into the sides but they all seem to be too small for this unit. I do have an additional cuby located by the livewell pump in the rear of the boat but was wondering what people have used for converting a cuby into a flat, vertical location to install the stereo (making a false wall to fill the remaining space of the cuby for the stereo to be screwed into). I also thought about just making a small housing that I could sit on flat surface and somehow waterproofing it? I'm at a loss for ideas on this and the internet doesn't seem to be yielding much for results.

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There's a plastic housing that a dealer can order that will mount to a flat surface on your boat. It looks like this:


It's also called a undermount radio mount.


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Just what I was looking for... Never seen one like this. Now I just gotta track one down. As always, many thanks marine_man!

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    • Spring only for me, when Orioles first return. Mine never get hit much. 
    • Not sure if somebody put a lot of time in to make this or if it was something Arctic Cat made. I could see someone pulling this around Hay Days.Thought it was just to cool to pass up. 
    • Whatever trades they might make won’t be to make a run. It’s going to be to rebuild. I guess there’s still some interest in Dozier from a couple teams, but otherwise, we don’t have much trade value in anyone. I’m just still hoping we finish .500.
    • The popular speculation is that the lakers are taking this season “off”, and waiting until next year to sign a big name or 2, one of which could be Butler. Personally, I don’t think there’s any chance Butler re signs with the wolves (he already turned down the first offer), as long as Wiggins remains on the team! And at this point, Wiggins is untradable. 
    • do agree, like your thoughts...
    • Yeah, none of the recipes say to pre-cook the potatoes but I think I might do it next time or else just open the packets and throw the shrimp in at the end. I was surprised though that the shrimp was good and didn't seem too over cooked. I think the key is to make sure to use raw shrimp not pre-cooked.
    • A lot of talk about a lot of nothing...until it is actually something! 🤔😏  As long as Thibs is here I believe that Jimmy has  chance to stay.  If Jimmy were to leave I would be surprised if he stayed in the west but if he did matching him up with LAbron would be a tough duo to build around.
    • A lot of good looking recipes on Old Bay's s i t e : Old Bay Recipes
    • I too am going to try that, done it with burger before.  I think with shrimp I'd maybe pre-cook the taters some, half way??  then cut foil cause shrimp cook super fast!!  thanks for the idea!!   and old bay is a must on that!!!
    • Thanks big d, I wanna give it a shot as well!!