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Changing from 9' garage door to 11'

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My boat does not fit inside my garage. Its too wide, theres maybe 1.5" on either side. I was living with that but I just got a different pickup and there is maybe 4" outside the mirrors on both sides. I can see a future nightmare sometime when the wife drives it. So how hard would it be to do this with the garage doors? Are there like load bearing studs along the outside of the garage doors or what? Room is not an issue, there is plenty on both sides of the door. Would it be easier to add all the width to one side as that is Okay as well. Thanks.

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You will have to support the trusses with a temp wall at the interior of the door. Remove the header that runs the entire width of your door, install a new header sized properly to the size of the opening, and the amount of weight bearing on it (a lumber yard can run the calculations for you since it may require glue lams) repair the siding on both the top of the door and the side of the door where you reframed the supports, and install the new garage door.

I would guess two guys with carpentry knowledge, and the appropriate tools, could do it all in two days. I would hire a garage door guy to come and remove the existing door, and install the new door since the springs can take a head off and are not worth playing with, and just doing the carpentry.

The siding may hard to fix depending on which type you have, and their may be electrical in the way to relocate.

To answer the question, not real easy, or real cost effective to gain very little. I would guess about $1,500 in materials and at least a weekend without the garage door guys, or electricians cost. If you can live with it, go that route and sleep well at night.

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