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Opti 115 alarm issues

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2004 Merc Opti 115

I have a weird alarm deal here. When I launch my boat, the motor starts flawless, idles great, but when I am leaving the launch or a spot sometimes(not all the time)when I put the throttle down to get up on plane the motor will throw a continuous alarm, but the guardian system doesn’t cut back the RMP’s. Typically when this happens all I have to do is pull back on the throttle and then give it a go again and the issue is resolved, only once or twice has it happened more than once in a day out. Now on the other hand there are days when I don’t get a warning at all.

Strange deal for sure.

Things I know –

1. Oil level and flow are just fine (I’m very anal about that)

2. I checked and drained the water in the fuel/water separator

3. The pee stream is plenty strong (thank god I'm only 33 yrs old - haha)

Anyone else experience anything similar or have any ideas? I'm beginning to think that there is a TP sensor out of range or something.


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It is using what I would consider normal amounts of oil for the use, and I can definitely find the nice sweet two stroke oil smell in reverse.

I'm thinking I need to get it on the DDT (digital diag tool)and see if it throws some codes. Anyone know a reputable shop or private garage in the north metro?

I bought the boat from private party so I have no experience with any shops, I certainly don't want to be raked over coals.


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I think I may have found a possible cause, or at least a hint

as to the problem. We have a 150 Optimax on my rig, so I

kind of keep track of what folks are seeing in the service

and technical aspects of the Opti.

I read this post on another fishing site.

The guy had a 2004 115 Opti where the alarm would go off

at a certain throttle position?? The guardian never cut

RPMs and the alarm would go off if you moved it out of the

range where the alarm went off. His oil consumption was

showing normal usage, and the water stream indicator

seemed fine. The initial trip to the shop had no entry

found in the diagnostic log. There were several more trips

and much dissapontment until they replaced the water

pressure switch. Problem was solved!! I think this

could be what you got going on wih your Opti.

Another thing to rule out might be bad voltage or dirty

or loose battery connections??

Give us an update when you fix the problem.

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Sweet thanks tumbleweed, any and all hints are welcome. Curious are you sure it was a switch and not a sensor?

thanks again


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