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eyeguy 54

Brown Creeper

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Saw a bird sneaking up the tree outside my window that I havn't seen before so I popped a quick pic. Ends up it's a brown creeper. Pretty dark out. I hope I see him again on a sunny day.


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I hope you see him again also. I love these little guys, but they are impossible to get a good photo of. Even on a sunny day they just blend right in to the bark. I had my camera on one once as he landed on a branch, which never seems to happen, but he was off before I got the shot. You have more contrast here than I have ever been able to get. Having part of the breast and belly showing helps alot.

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I just had one creeping up my tree. I didn't bother with the camera. It would either have had the bark in the bg or a house, or if real lucky, a dull gray sky. I've never seen one on a branch.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • I had all the registration cards and what not I simply just made my own bill of sale.   are the registration cards you talk about just the sticker or are you talking about the sitcker with all the paperwork attached?   previous reply’s asked how long the boat/pwc is. It is 8.91ft  107”
    • Actually ZachD Leech does like this and nice job on the meat. 😎   Leech was just ribbing a few guys waving their big penis grills around and they got all chard about it.   Some of the best Jerk BBQ in the world comes out of a garbage can grill!  So it's not what you got or how big it is. It's what you can do with it.  😉   Keep posting whatcha make. 🙂        
    • Now I just have to pick up the sear box Haha forget leach 😀   Maybe he will approve since I got my SG for 340 bucks
    • Going camping finally for the first time this season this weekend so I rolled a breakfast fatty to take along. I plan to smoke it on my $50 over-priced pellet smoker that Leech doesn't approve of for some reason. I'll try to remember to take some pics.....    
    • If you ever have a hard time controlling temps with that controller you can always switch it out with a Savannah Stoker. https://www.savannahstoker.com/collections/frontpage/products/savannah-stoker-pellet-grill-control-system
    • LOL, you probably have more money into grills and smokers than I do.....
    • Just picked up a camp chef SG the other week pretty stoked about it  
    • I bought a boat before this season the guy I bought it from never transferred it in his name and registration was set to expire.  I had all the registration cards and what not I simply just made my own bill of sale from the "original" owner and scribble his name the best I could from his registration card. The trailer title was easy because the old owner filled out the seller info already and the guy I bought it from never filled out the buyer so I just had to put my info in.   I wasn't about to go track down the original guy when he lived 2 hours away from me. What is the worst that could happen
    • You will probably need that many to make sure you have one that works 😁. The last grill I bought was a top of the line charbroil with the side burner yadda yadda. Nearly $600.  Lasted barely two years with half the burners no longer working right and finally the grates were a rusted mess and it was replaced by a pellet grill.