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pointing lab ? problem

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Took mothers 9 mo old lab cross (from pound) out pheasant hunting last year. She has excelent nose bottom line best dog I've hunted behind. Third time Itook her out met a guy at wildlife he asked if he could hunt w/us sure 1 more gun couldn't hurt especially the way my buddy shoots grin.gif Well he offered $5000 for her granted too much.

She will flush or point, if she points she sees the bird and is close enough she will catch it if it moves b4 we get there to kick it up. Friends and I got 87 birds w/her last year we only shot 78. Of the 9 she got 6 were hens. That's Problem #1

The other problem is she wants to run. Oh she listens just fine will come or stop when asked that is until she gets on a bird.I used shocking collar 3 or 4 times and it worked. I could keep her close enough that when a bird did move she'd let us take'em anyway.

Mom found out about shock collar and now won't let me take dog unless I give her my shocker. She said "This is my pet and it is a house dog. I don't mind if you take her hunting she likes it and it gives her exercise. I am not going to let you use a shock collar on her."

Does anyone know of away to keep her from killing birds or keeping close w/out zapping them. She obeys fine unless she is on a bird


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    • and a couple pretty good running backs too!!!!!!!!   bring on the Tide!!!!!!!!!!
    • not unless you can find an old lakemaster garmin compatible chip and if your garmin can indeed read it; otherwise you can get garmin's version
    • Freekying yeaa!  😃 About time. 3 3/4 of a game without as much as a field goal with two of the best receivers in the NFL would say this is a good move! 🤨
    • I actually have the opposite  Problem of keeping the ice solid. After about two weeks of fishing the same spot, The front tip-up is floating on water.  I now bank the back 3/4 of the house only To regulate the trapped air underneath.             
    • Does anyone know if you can put a Lakemaster chip in a dash mount GPS. I have a Garmin dash mount and it would be nice and handy if I could do that.   Thanks
    • Vikings Fire Offensive Coordinator John DeFilippo December 11, 2018 at 11:16 am   MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Minnesota Vikings’ offense struggled against the Seattle Seahawks on prime time television Monday evening – and it looks to be enough to cost the offensive coordinator his job.   On Tuesday, the team confirmed they have relieved John DeFilippo of his duties as offensive coordinator.   Kevin Strefanski has been elevated to interim offensive coordinator and will handle play-calling duties, the team said. The Vikings lost to the Seahawks 7-21 Monday evening, and were nearly shut out. The Vikings scored their only touchdown with 1:10 remaining in the game.  
    • oh the ice is good.....on the 2 lakes i hit. one had 10 inches the other 12!!!!!!!!
    • I just started her up and let her run a bit yesterday.  Wouldn't get out fishing until all the Holiday stuff is over in a few weeks but then the ice should be good and more snow hopefully.  Thanks for the reply over yonder! 🙂
    • What type of solution?    Not it directed at you personally but I find it amusing that by and larger hunters and fishermen are the most anti government anti regulation types yet are the first to overharvest due to lack of self control and then are the first to Beyotch when the DNR doesn’t stop it.     
    • WELL i was just up in  that country over the weekend. maybe 3-4 inches in the woods might be 2 inches of snow on the lakes!!!!!!