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Black Lab/German Shorthair cross

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I was just wondering if anyone's ever had one? Just curious if they have more lab characteristics or more shorthair characteristics...Is each litter different?

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My puppies Dad is a GSP and her Mother is a Choc. Lab....She is all Chocolate in color. She has some speckles on her feet and a patch on her chest. She also has a little white on her tail. Some days she looks like a Lab and others a GSP. Her face looks just like her Dad (gsp), she does have longer legs and she runs in the field when she hunts just like a GSP. She is a great dog. I have pictures of her but don't know how to post. Tim MF

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I'd like to see a picture if you wouldn't mind. You can email them to [email protected] Thanks.

It will be interesting to see how the pups turn out.

Does your dog seem to like the water, does she handle the cold well?

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yeah, she does have a lot of GSP features, especially in the face. Nice looking dog. A buddy of mine is having a litter of GSP/Black Lab. Might have to think about getting a pup.. Thanks.

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Here's the pics of the father (pure GSP) and Mayfly's lab/GSP cross. She'll always be a GSP to me!



Gauge was just successfully studded out to a GSP, so if anyone wants pups, let me know!

Matthew J. Breuer
Northcountry Guide Service
[email protected]
Custom Jigs and Spins
Phelps Tackle
Today's Tackle
Stone Legacy
Ice Leaders

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • You know Dave if you wouldn't have bought an over priced pellet grill you could have had lobster with steak chunks instead of shrimp sausage! 😉
    • I checked the same area today but no luck. It could be someone else's honey hole or just a loner. I will keep looking! I enjoy the search, harvest and eating of mushrooms. I wish I would have found this hobby earlier in life!
    • Listened to my alarm this morning and went back to the rush. This time I went to an access point farther downstream. I found out that nothing gets your heart pumping in the morning like almost stepping on a baby deer! Little guy waited until the absolute last second to pop up and run away. Grass was only about a foot high, but I would have never seen him even if I was looking for him. Action was pretty slow, only caught 4 brownies. Lost a few others. This “new” spot has some potential. Looked like some promising spots farther downstream, that I just didn’t have the motivation to explore today.
    • Shrimp boil on my overpriced pellet grill up at the camper.  
    • I was out there New year's Eve and the day before just west of Birch Island and it was very slow (AND COLD!) 
    • That sounds all fine and dandy, but it is NOT the way it works... MOREL 101--If it was that easy there would be morel farms. I picked 7+ pounds today in 2 hours, 95% were within 50 yds of each other. All were probably from the same organism that 'lives' under the surface, when it is damaged from a disturbance in the soil AND it's symbiotic 'friend' (tree) is killed, the massive organism produces fruits (morels). The ones you leave behind simply dry up and sprinkling spores all over the country side is not going to make them grow everywhere. I know why my spots are only good for a year, wouldn't matter if any shrooms were harvested or not. I already know where I will be picking them next year!! I've developed a successful pattern😉 P.S. if anybody wants any I have filled my orders and have a fridge full again.
    • From the little bit I’ve researched morel harvesting, back when I actually DID hunt them, the common advice was to not over-harvest a spot, cut with a knife above the ground, and carry in a mesh bag so spores can disperse a little while you’re hauling them out of the woods.   It always seemed to make sense to me.
    • Congrats Minky!     I’m at a small lake in da middle of nowhere and haven’t had time to look and hardly enough signal to even view the forums. 😊
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