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Murphys law of course. Caught a nice 28" walleye the other night and forgot the camera and was fishing alone. I know-- a fish story. Released of course, but I'll remember the camera next time for sure!

When I find myself in a rut I've intentionally left camera at home. Think'n that's gonna make the difference. But always grinding out a backup plan in an event similar to yours.

Nice fish all, keep 'em coming!

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Oh, the magic of Photoshop.

PDOGG, I'll be at that same lake, I was talking about earlier this week, tomorrow morning. If you happen to be out and see the red Durango stop by and say "hey".

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Was able to make it up north this weekend and was able to get into some eyes. Most were smaller fish, but I was able to hook into this 28"er. She was a great candidate for CPR:


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Great looking fish Drewski!

If I would have gotten that hog up the hole he would be on my wall!

This is my first walleye of the ice season....finally

Decided on Thursday night I was going to find one after 5, 10 hour days I got him.

Missed a nice one on the rattle reel had the hook set and went to pull, he was mighty hefty, and....snap


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Hey Wanger you don't know me but I'm new to the forum and really don't know where to post a new topic but anyway. I'm coming up to Otter tail Lake the 2nd week in May and was wondering if you know about that lake and what would my best bets would be as far as what to use and where?

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Most of the state has been experiencing sunny, warm, and beautiful summer days. The forecast predicts some rain over the next day or two, but otherwise it looks like warm temperatures and clear days and nights. Canoers at Mays Ledges at the Brule River State Forest.These mild and sunny days have been great for canoeing and kayaking and many river water levels are moderate and perfect for paddling. The lower Wisconsin Rivers is running just about normal for this time of year, with many sandbars popping up.Much of the state has been hovering at moderate fire danger this week, which means, in the right place, wildfires can happen. Nearly 60 wildfires have occurred across the state in July, mostly caused by fireworks or sparks from equipment. .
    • Looks to me like a great fishing cart...mount some pole holders on the sides and a cup holder for your beverage and life is good!!🎣
    • i still have some from 2016, most from last year yet but i like to stay ahead. how do they say it........i like to let them MELD!!!!!!!!!😁 that was a 1/2 bushel, smaller batches makes it not so over whelming. especially on a work nite. 
    • Nothing better then homemade pickles. We did 84 quarts last year but the kids didn't eat all of them so we are going to skip a year.
    • Clover and Rye plots are coming in awesome and the deer are all over them. One of the bean plots also has not had a chance to grow deer just eat as they grow. Working either way they are getting food and staying around.   Clover ,Rye is all around the beans and corn.
    • Just thought I would post some pictures of this years food plots. Summer is going way too fast , I want it to be bow season right now but still some work left to do. All plots are done now and we can start getting trails and shooting lanes cleared.  
    • the peppers are a thia chili pepper, and yes i put 4-5 pieces of garlic in each jar along with sliced onions!!!!!!!!! i used to put 6 peppers in but in my older age that got to be to much so i cut it back to 4. i would think Jalepenos would work though!!!!!