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Smallies on Ice - NEW

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Here is a short video of a few crabby smallies caught and if you pay close attention you will see the 1st one I missed.

WARNING: Not all misses or fish caught are shown in this video.

Can you guess where they were caught just this past Saturday, December 27th!!!


Cheq Smallies - IceLeaders.com: 56K Modem - CLICK HERE

256k High Speed - CLICK HERE

Recommend that you Right Click on the 256k link and "Save Target As" to download to your PC. Then play it right off your PC. The 256k is a bigger picture with better sound.

Let us know what you think?


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Very cool video smile.gif I've enjoyed all of the video's, but I'd have to say I liked this one the best. I'll definitely have to try that sometime...

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There has been alot of press lately about the damage we can do if we target smallies in the winter. Because of their peculiar spawning and homing habits, aren't we supposed to leave them alone?

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As long as it's catch and release, I don't know why we shouldn't fish for them at the location we were at. It sure was a lot of fun and I know of no compelling reason to give up fishing for them.
Maybe you or other experts can convince us otherwise?

All fish have peculiar habits.
Many of those habits make them vunerable.
That's why we can ice fish for them. What makes a smallie different from the rest?

If we are causing smallies to decline more than any other fish we ice fish for, we definitely want to know and we want to know why and we want to know if it applies to all fisheries.

If you put a publication down it tells us nothing other than the publication, which by itself tells us nothing. So please fill us all in.

Educate us here on why we shouldn't ice fish for Smallies.

We certainly do not want to damage our fisheries and we may want to press for laws that protect overly vunerable fish.

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Yes, of course. There has been much discussion of the smallmouth bass fishery in the IN-FISHERMAN magazine lately about the risks of taking wintering Smallmouth Bass. I will attempt to pull this information up so that we can all look at it objectively.

As we all know, the smallmouth bass season had been changed a few years ago in Minnesota to protect wintering bass from over harvesting. The following is on the Minnesota DNR HSOforum.

"Fishing Pressure---

Smallmouth can be easily "overfished" for several reasons:

Even in good smallmouth waters, smallmouth are not terribly abundant. They are never as numerous as trout are in a good trout stream, for example.
Many smallmouth waters, such as modest-sized streams, are shallow and easily fished.
In the fall, bass migrate considerable distances, sometimes dozens of miles downstream, and congregate in a few deep holes, where big bass can be easily caught."

But this does not concern itself with the RISKS of catching them and releasing them back into the water. I believe the article I am looking for is in the October/November issue of In-Fisherman. The title is called, "When to Leave Smallmouths Alone-Conserving this Great Sportfish."

I will have to locate it and read it again to gleam the important points made. The author made a very convincing argument however.

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It seems that the concern is mostly over over harvest.Smallies tend to congregate in the winter and a school can be easiley fished out.
With catch and release regulation this shuld not be a concern.
There is also the concern that bringing small mouth from deeper water can damage them.Of course this is the case with any species.Most responsible sportsmen are aware of this problem allready and would not do so anyway.
It also mentioned that smallmouth do not readily feed in the winter so there is concern that they may not have the energy to recover from the stress of being caught.It was suggested to catch a few and move on not disturbing the entire school.
Fish not feeding in the winter may not be true alltoghether.I should point out that for years it was believed that catfish do not feed in the winter and become dormant.We have found that this is not the case.They do feed less but only becasue the cold has reduced their metabolism and therefore they do not need to feed more often.This might be the case with smallmouth bass also?

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I think the main concern is river fish. River fish do concentrate in wintering holes. The Chequamegon bass are scattered everywhere. There is no rhyme or reason for their location. Lastly I recommend no harvest of smallies. So do most avid bass anglers. The smallies we are catching are quicky released. Using small single hook baits mean virtually no damage to the fish. Smallies are my favorite fish and I wouldn't endanger them. If their is evidence that catch and release of smallie thru the ice is damaging then I'd have to reconsider fishing them thru the ice. If you target smallie thru the ice please remember to be careful with them. Do not lay them on the ice especially if it's really cold and release them immediately after taking your photo. I have never seen a smallie damaged when ice fishing. A good day is 15 of them per person, 5 or 6 each is the norm. The area you see us fishing in is about 5 football fields of area and we drilled about 80 holes. We did not catch more than one fish in any hole. Have fun and be mindful of the smallies.

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Great video guys!

Just one question. Did you guys try for trout or salmon while fishing Chequamegon bay?

If you didn't you guys missed out on some great fishing.

As far as catching bass thru the ice I don't see why we shouldn't. Those bass showen in the video didn't look at all thin. They looked like they have been eating good so far this winter.
"Study to be quiet"

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    • Ill let dealer plug into computer and see what shows up. 
    • Pigger steak on the grill, taters and corn. Yea yea, I get docked etiquette points for no serving dishes.
    • I suppose there is no check engine light code plug in on those like a car? Sometimes you can read and clear a misfire code. Did you try switching plugs out on the trail?
    • Had scratchers down but probably didn't matter much. Wasn't overheating and temp on gauge stayed at 160. Another guy in club thought it might also be bad gas and a misfire settting off check engine. Ill see what they come up with when they plug into computer. As far as electronic reverse lots of problems with it on internet. Fuse wasn't blown and I also bought and changed the 2 relays that people have had problems with and still nothing. I think the Servo motor crapped out as those have had problems to. I just hope it doesn't take to long to fix as spring is around the corner  
    • Wow, sorry to hear all that.I call it the Northshore curse!  Did you have your scratchers down? Or do you think it's just a short somewhere?  😟
    • it takes some practice. I was skeptical at first also but friends did great on them so made the switch and I use them 95% of the time for gills and crappies now.  Still learning
    • Made it up to Silver Bay for a ride on Saturday. Got about 15-20 miles down trail and sled starts to miss and wants to die and check engine light comes on. Shut it off and look things over and everything looks OK and not overheating. Start back up and runs fine for about 10 miles and does same thing. Did this about 4 times till we got to Trestle Inn. Im thinking its bad gas so was going to go put some premium in it to see if that helps. Start machine and put in reverse and back up and hit button to take out of reverse and nothing happens. Reverse fail comes up on gauges not good. Only good thing was stranded in Trestle Inn parking lot instead of woods. Gave guy I was riding with my car keys to come back with my truck and trailer and went and drank beer for a couple hours. Finally get everything back to motel and get organized and come back out to get some stuff out of truck and step on back of trailer and it flips up. Someone must have helped themselves to my tilt trailer pin as it would have never fell out on its own. Had to run to town on Sunday and round up a pin for trailer and dropping off sled at dealer tomorrow. At least its still under warranty.  
    • Thanks Presidents for the day off!  😁   Went back over to the same trails by Orock and hit it pretty hard to burn off some of the carbon I built up pulling the grandkids and sleigh around the other day. The trails were groomed and not bad but the groomer seemed to have put some pretty deep grooves in the trails around the corners. Never really saw that before anywhere? 🤔 There were a few folks out but no where near last weekend. My top end rebuild seems to be breaking in pretty well and the compression has been going up the last few rides so hopefully I'm almost there. 🤗    
    • I picked up some impulse mayfly plastics and mud bug jigs. I have tried plastics in the past with mixed results. I expect good things from the impulse mayflys. It would be nice not to have to mess with live bait.
    • Like Mike said, location is going to be key to giving you recommendations. The types of activities you want to engage in and price you are willing to pay can also be factors as well as how old your camper is in some instances.