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Fished with Tank, Billy, Joe and Doug and found some fish, I caught quite a few males today which is fine by me. Billy had the hot hole and I believe he was done and twittling his thumbs by 11:30 a.m. Tank finished a littlwe while after in Billy's hole and finished and I stuck around to catch mine too. Doug stayed for a while and fished with me most of the morning. Joe stayed close to the access and didn't fair as well. Had a good breakfast with joe in Mohawk this morning and got to me Jim a local icer and I forgot the the other guys name that walked into the diner that you introduced me to Joe?

Anyhow enjoy the pics as we had to rifle through some smaller fish to max out but hey I' rather be catching then stroking. Waant to thank Dark Cloud for the assortment of freshly painted jigs especially the brown wink I thought I was gonna have a coronary when I went through the jig package with Jay on the phone. Your best work yet pal! smile

Todd - I have your rod and Jigs...

Here we go...

Snacking on a knacker...


Kastmasters for Franky wink


Chubby-delicious... shocked


One more for Franky as another one bows to the kastmaster. wink


Small stuff was working too...


Billy sorry I know you didn't want your mug up on here but I couldn't resit the pose wink BTW your nice spread of limit fish some how didn't make it to the memory card. cry


Are favorite Chef Dougy with a couple of nice ones.. Great fishing with you again AW! Iwas representing today wasn't I Doug wink I'll get you that recipe for the Venny sausage that was some good stuff from my brother-in-law Mike..


A true hogger and the best pic of the lot. Great fishing with you and Billy again.


Joe I swear next time we go I'll make sure I get a pic of the one and only fish you caught today. Sorry I missed it whistlelaugh

I'll call you if I'm in for Sturday but let's see how this weather shakes out. Walking was great out there very little snow and your trap glided nicely behind you, no creepers required. Another great ice adventure. Good job guys... Off to get Amanda a guinea pig, I'll check in later...

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Nice pics Tim looks like a wonderful day on the ice good job guys those perch look delicious ;),It sure beats being at work. I am thinking about taking a day or two off in the near future to harvest a meal of fish I just don't know when confused.

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I had a great time with the weekday pirates laugh

Tank and Billy...thanks for showing me the real 'Darago!

Timmy, thanks for waiting at the parking area for me and heading me out in the right direction to find Perch Grounds!

I ended up with a nice bunch and the folks back at the restaurant drooled over the fresh fish I will be bringing home with me and not cooked at the Restaurant crazy

Timmy...that was a Summer Sausage,right? Man, was that good.

I will remember this day for a while...all things seemed to be right!

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From my office windows it looked like a great day to be out there fellas. Sunday the ice was 4" out to the island from the boat launch and we got some nice big perch also. I was working large spoons for walleyes most of the day without much luck except for one that got away at the hole but I marked quite a few perch on the vexilar coming in and taking a look out to 40fow as we crossed the basin. Had to change up to the small stuff to get them to hit. We saw a fox cross the ice and a pair of bald eagles flying slowly by and low enough to get a great look at them which was a real treat grin

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Nice pictures, I am curious about the heater in the pictures,it looks small and I don't think I ever saw one that small. I can't turn mine down enough and it gets to hot and wastes fuel so I keep turning it on and off, what kind is it?

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It's a Coleman Focus 3, max heat 3,000 btu's. Light weight and I have used it a solid ten years. I wish I could find a replacement screen for it, thta's what usually goes on them. I can get a full day fishing out of a 1 lb. propane tank.

Actually if Kyle could post a pic of his new heater that thing is really nice.

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Nice job on the perch guys. I spent the day at work rotating through calling all 4 of you, lol

Lester - Heres the heater I run called a Coleman SportCat. I love it in the one man trap. Not gonna roast ya out but it is always enough to keep the hole free and the gloves off. I know Billy has one and so does Timmy I believe. Plus she last a solid 15 hours on one tank of gas.

I have it in the bucket with the foam to make it more stable as it puts out enough heat to cook/ warm things up...


Sweet and Spicy Kielbasi on the ice... grin Better get some before Todd comes around whistle


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Rob - Monday I plan on going south to Newburgh area to fish with USMC Steve.. I have plenty of time to take off for the ice season. Just trying to pick days with decent fishable weather

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Rob - Monday I plan on going south to Newburgh area to fish with USMC Steve.. I have plenty of time to take off for the ice season. Just trying to pick days with decent fishable weather

I was thinking about taking Monday off and heading somewhere, maybe Lake George or Canadarago...

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