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I'm relocating to the Fargo/MH area in the next 2 weeks from Detroit, MI. Goodbye MI....Hello ND. grin

I'm looking for some ice fishing advice/areas within a hour drive from Fargo/MH....no secret spots or honey holes just a general direction.

I also have a few questiosn....

1)Is there much fishing after dark? By the looks of some permanent fish houses it looks like there is.

2) I usually walk w/ my shanty and gear and that suits me fine..do I really need a sled or ATV?

3)Any names of local baitshops where I could get some bait?

Thanks in advance!!

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ND has some excellent ice fishing ... some on lakes with no names.

Majority of Fargo people head east and fish in MN. There are decent lakes within 30 minutes of FM. Better lakes are mostly 45 to 80 miles from FM.

tip: crappies are suspended. talk to the locals in the area to get the starting point depth. decent walleye fishing is kept pretty tight lipped.

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Welcome to Fishing Minnesota!

Jamestown is a good place to head as well, 1 hour and 15 minutes to get there though...

Here's a link to the ND Game and Fish Bodies of Water maps which should give you an idea as well:

ND GNF Bodies of Water

I would say most people fish afternoon into evening... that or all day...


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Most Fargo people fish weekends. Lake country locals will fish evenings (say 4 - 7). Sunset is between 4:30 and 4:45 this time of year.

I am sure there always a few people sleeping on the lakes, but most people only sleep on the big walleye lakes (LOW, URL, ML).

No set rules when it comes to ice fishing.

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If you like fishing for crappies, I agree with Marine Man, the Jamestown Reservoir and Pipestone system just outside (North) of Jamestown, ND, have some of the nicest slabs I've ever caught. The fishing can be real tough for them at times, but there have been days where we really got into them (once we were fishing over 21 feet of water with our lines set 7' down on the reservoir and caught and released about 50-60 in 3 hours). When they say crappies are a suspending fish, they are not fooling.

Also, Fargo can be more than 3-3 1/2 hours from Lake of the Woods. MN. If you've never fished you have to try. The walleye/sauger fishing is outstanding. Even on dead days you should catch at least a few.

And then there is Devils Lake. That is probably only about 2-2 1/2 hours away. The nicest jumbo perch you'll find anywhere, and monster walleyes and northers abound.

Keep in mind Devils Lake and Lake of the Woods are huge. I recommend finding which resorts have road systems to at least get you on the lake in the general area you want to fish. Set up a base camp or something and then venture around on foot from there. On big lakes, I always recommend bringing a friend along just in the event you get stuck or what not, or run into some other snag out on the ice. Sometimes you can be 3 miles or more on the ice and that is a bad place to run into trouble on your own.

Good luck,


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If your going to make a longer weekend run then do not forget to include URL. Fast becoming one of the best walleye lakes in the upper midwest for eaters.

You just might catch a 15" plus crappie that still run the lake ... or even a dozen or more over 15".

URL - Upper Red Lake

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