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Stinky Fisherman Chronicles


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Me & a pal hit a lake last night that was about an hour and a half away. The distance, the bite, & the comfort of the sunflower made it hard to want to leave. So about 3:00 AM we finally decided to get on the road. This morning, looking down the barrel of a long day after my nap, I scurried as best as I could to get ready for work at 7:30 AM. Last thing I did, unaware of the condition, was put on the same wool jacket I was wearing last night. After shuffling through that long day of work I needed to pick up my daughter at her dance class. I worked my way into the dance lobby,(that's about 12' x 20' room and always packed full of dance mothers), and could not help but start to smell the stench of fish as I stood there-packed like & now even smelling like a sardine. The odor was about as bad as one could imagine. That jacket had definately seen better days! With all the stares and the shuffling feet away from me I started feeling almost obligated to quickly start explaining myself. I'm currently still pondering what I should've done. But instead I patiently waited for class to end and bolted outta the door as fast as I could. The others almost formed a "red sea" for me. Coupled with the long tiresome day I had already, I couldn't possibly think of a more fitting ending to a bad day! And if any dance mothers are reading this I promise it will never happen again!!!

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I brought a minnow bucket in to my cube at work with an aerator going for a while recently when it was really cold out. Nobody gripped about it though. Cept for my boss who was wondering what the k it was. Im not sure if it smelled or not. I didnt notice anyways....

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