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2000 325 Magnum 4WD won't engage in low


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This happened a couple times last year, seems worse now.

At cold startup the AWD light does not go on and it does not go into 4WD at all. After a while it goes into 4WD in reverse when override button is pushed and in high range. After a half hour of plowing it went into 4WD in low sporadically, then after another 15 minutes it went all the time. It was cold out when this happened. Not sure if it is because the machine is warming up or if it is coincidence. If was warming up I wouldn't think it would take 45 minutes. This machine did go into the drink a few years ago, but I have not seen any problems until recently. It was professionally gone over and dried after it was submerged.

I assume it is a switch, but I don't know where the 4WD switches are located. The AWD handle bar switch appears to be working, is there another switch on the shift lever? There is also a ratlling sound coming from the knob on the shift lever. Probably unrelated but ... Any thoughts?

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They are inside the box that the shifter goes into. It's the base of the shifter. This may not be the problem if the shifter held forward doesn't make a difference.

There are wires that go down to the hub. You may want to check them.

It confuses me because when it's a problem like you described it is normally a contact in the shifter or a contact in the override button.

There has to be someone here who knows how to fix this.

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I looked at the box at the base of the shift lever and I don't see any wires coming out of it. Going back to the gear box there are a couple of harnesses coming out of that. I was hoping I couild pull the switch out and clean contacts or at least take a look. Is the swith in the gear box or at the base of the shift lever? If it is by the lever I am confused as there are no wires that I can see.

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