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Fish house coating

heat checker

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Building a dropdown on a pop up camper frame, still working on the frame, but thinking ahead to the structure. Anybody tried coating a wood shell with "bed liner"? I have seen 1 gal of the stuff for $44, don't know how many gals it wood take to cover a 7x14. Can the stuff be painted over? Maybe just a bad idea in general?

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I believe you can as I remember a few years back looking in to it.

Some product called Durabac or close to that. Even came in color options.

Was going to do the frame and the side walls up to about 2'.

Did not follow through on that particular house.

I would have it sprayed on professionally myself. Like Rhino or Line - X

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Built a 12' wheelhouse this fall, started from bare metal frame. I did coat the frame with Herculiner. Xylol wipe down, Dupli-Color HD black primer, and two coats of Herculiner - every single exposed surface. The fully cured surface will HURT YA if your not careful with exposed skin. smile Wicked finish, can't hurt it.

Just the frame took 2/3 of the gallon. And yes, it takes two coats, you can't get away with one, applying the second coat while the first is tacky is the key to an impervious surface, otherwise a single coat isn't enough, and if you wait too long for the second coat they won't bond and will peel.

A whole fish house would take quite a bit, you'd be talking hundreds of dollars in cans of retail bedliner.

You would really need to prep the surface good - you'll need to scuff it all, rub it all down with Xylol and clean rags, and apply two coats.

Oh, and it collects slush and ice going down the road like no tomorrow. frown If the whole house is coated, you will have to wait for the ice and snowpack to melt off the house - which shouldn't take too long on a nice sunny day with it being black. smile

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Originally Posted By: elwood
wheeled houses completely done in spray on coatings.

The company is called Xtreme fish houses. I believe they may have gone out of business - they had a bunch of shacks (completed and some partials) at auction on K-bid recently.

Correct. There just had (or are having) another auction on KBid. I bought a wheeler off his last auction.

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