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AmsOil Saber?


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Hello, new to the site. Looks great so far, just need to get accustomed to the format.

ANyway, decided to switch from the regular Strikemaster Oil in my auger to some AmsOil Saber 100:1 oil. I mixed it 80:1 ratio and do not seem to have very god throttle respose. Do those that have used this mix find they needed to adjust carb. setting a bit to get this to run right. Seem to stay running OK, but lack any good throttle response. I assume I just have too rich of a fuel mixture with the new oil?

p.s. Auger is a 1996 Strikemaster Lazer Mag.

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I have an even older strikemaster 2hp (1990?), and found about a 90:1 mixture to be the best. Compared to the old 2 stroke oil I was used to using, the stuff seemed to bring new life back into my old motor. I think she's running a little rich for ya. No adjustments on the carb should be needed if it was previously running fine with your old mix.

Mixing 100:1 just scares me a little bit, so I think 90:1 is a good compromise, and the amsoil doesn't smoke much anyway, so runnin a little rich isn't a problem.

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Welcome Bucksport 101. I had the same thing happen to me with my chainsaw and brush cutter when I switched over. My Nils auger is new and I started it on Saber so no issues with that.

I think you are right on adjusting the carb a bit, thats what I did with the chainsaw and brush cutter. Adjust little at a time and rember where the old setting was. As you mentioned it may be running a little rich being ther is less oil in mixture.

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Thanks for the input. I did get an e-mail from The Oilman stating that one usually doesn't need to make any adjustments when switching to AmsOil.

I did get a lot of smoke from the engine when I ran it last week, so either thier was some gas crud letting loose in the engine or I am too rich? Was pretty cold out as well when I started it up. Gonna try it again tonight and see what happens.

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Well, started the auger up again this past Friday. Seemed to run fine this time around. Did nothing other than shake up the fuel in the tank a little bit.

Started on the 2nd pull, this never happened with the other oils I have used. Throttle response was good, although it still seemed to smoke a little more that I was expecting.

Will see how it runs in cold weather again.

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