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Looking for info on Little LCO-Wisconny

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We have a cabin rented on Little LCO for just after the first of the year.

I have a lake map at the ready but am looking for some insider info. It appears that there are some nice weedy flats that are located adjacent to some deeper water (which would be prime tip up areas) but any other info would be greatly appreciated! We are up for Crappies, Perch and anything with TEETH.

We have fished LCO (atleast the south end with moderate success) with tip ups in the past..Any reports on LCO would be greatly appreciated as well........


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Can't tell you much about Little LCO but we've been getting a few on the big one. We tried to get out on a spot on the east end this afternoon but there was an inch of ice, 4 inches of water, then 4 inches of ice. I think you'll find spots like that all around the lake but some spots have 8 to 10 inches of good ice.

There was some snowmobiles cruising around the lake tonight and a 4 wheeler out farther, just have to be careful and pick your spots. Since you're not going until after the 1st, it should improve considerably by then but there is a lot of snow on the ice.

Most of the walleyes we've caught have been along the weeds in 6 to 12 FOW. You might find them deeper when you come up but it might be worth it to try in shallower.

Hope that helps.

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For what it is worth, just had a guy from our group come back from there..Caught a few JUMBO perch (not many for the hours they put in) but they were the biggest he had ever seen...5-7' fow with just a lively minnow on a hook with a split shot..Also caught some decent northern jigging.. nothing on tip ups..They were pretty dead...

Biggest thing was the ice conditions. They had a four wheeler that was pretty much useless as the warm weather caused the snow to crust over and then it would bury the wheeler (even with chains on it)..So in short, had to walk and the fish were few and far between but the ones they did catch were pretty decent. Does anyone know if that road that takes you into musky bay (off of "E" I think) is public or private? It runs by the cranberry bogs and bring you out (to the water) where we always fish tip ups (at the entrance to musky bay)

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Grew up fishing Little LCO still fish it when I can lots of small Pike nice crappies if u can find them there is a 45 ft hole thats is where i would targe crappies some of the biggest perch I ever caught came out of there, we always catch pike on tip-ups nothing big but plenty of action, about a month ago I just slammed the Bass lost count on how many pike we caught. snoozebutton I see your from the brook wouldn't happen to know Lil Ron or Bob Wolf?

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Yeah, I've fished it a lot over the years. Some nice muskies and smallies even some large mouth in there now (mostly in the bay.) We've caught tons of walleyes out of there but they depend on stocking, they don't naturally reproduce there plus they run a little on the small size. When the lake level went way up, the bluegill fishing really took off, lots of nice sized ones. Now the level is down and the gill population has shrunk considerably. You can still find them but they run smaller nowand not nearly as many.

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