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I could live with this lineup....


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After reading something about the Angels possibly being interested in Manny Ramirez, I got to thinking. How much fun would it be to have him on our club? I know he costs way too much $$$ and some believe he isn't a TEAM guy, but think about this lineup:

1. Span RF

2. Casilla 2B

3. Mauer C

4. Ramirez LF

5. Morneau 1B

6. Cuddyer 3B

7. Kubel/Young DH

8. Punto SS

9. Gomez CF

I know, I know it will never happen, but that is a tough lineup. Remember all that extra $$$ the new stadium is supposed to generate. We would have to move Cuddy to 3rd, but for Manny.... I would move Cuddy to catcher and Mauer to 3rd!

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I think Manny gets a bad rap for his defense. Sure, he has those highlight reels of doing dumb things, but the guy can play the outfield pretty well. The way he hits, I don't really care how he plays the field.

I can't believe someone wants to start the Young/Manny debate... you really want Young up to bat in a key spot late with runners in scoring position over Manny??

I sympathize with the Cuddyer makes me vomit comment, but I think he is one of if not the clubhouse leader of the team. If he can stay healthy, hit .270 with 20 HR's, I don't care how he plays the field, wherever he plays!

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This is all I have been asking for the last 6-7 years. A big named power threat in the middle of the line-up. Can you imagine the pitches our MVP would see if we just added 1 bat. Not saying it has to be the caliber of Manny, but just 1 proven stud would make the Twins not just a division contender, maybe a world series? Oh thats right, Pohlad is our owner.

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The Twins tried trading for Beltre last year, but the Mariners wouldn't part with him for some reason. I remember the Twins commentators talking about how stupid the Mariners were hanging onto their older "talent" when they could get some decent youth for them.

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Ummmmmmmm...Ibanez has hit 30+ HR exactly once.

people have a tendency to recall their one best season and sometimes mistakenly think that the one season a typical stat year. (kind of like those that state that Cuddyer is a power hitter because he it 20+ homers one season a few moons ago)

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