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New fishing...


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Sun and heat are the killers. I keep mine in a Rubbermade bin away from chemicals. I have line that I use for trolling that is easily five years old. I buy bulk at the end of the season and respool my reels often during the season. The old line losses some stretch and flexibility but seems to keep most of its strength. I use 17 pound trilene as my main trolling line, but always buy new leader material. I like 20lb flourocarbon.

I run snapp weights and in line planer boards and troll over cliffs so my main line gets abused. I switch it out if there is any doubt-but I couldn't aford to do that if I had to buy new line everytime.

For spinning rods, especially when icefishing, I like limp line and usually buy new. The light lines don't hold up as well over time.

So don't be afraid to use the old line just take care of it. If it feels good it probably is. If it has telltail cracks or a white film and is unusually stiff and brittle its probable best used for crafts. Hans

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Does a drunk daddy long stagger?   Yes…. For about about 3 inches.  Then nuthin’. I think he’s passed out.   He was luvin that cap.   Just ask and you’ll receive. 😉
    • I picked this stuff up at Fleet a month or so ago when the Boxelder bugs first started coming out, and I had them all over in my house. I bet you after one spraying around the edges of the house and the door thresholds I haven’t had five bugs in my house since. My wife was killing 20 to 25 of the dam things a day crawling around the living room and bedrooms. Bad thing is I haven’t seen hardly a hummingbird since either, I’ve been told they are really susceptible to insecticides. It worked great on the ants to. 
    • Thanks for the id! Here is a flock of some Eastern tiger swallowtails.          
    • I went to take my little boat out and found a wren nested in the winch tower.  Little chirps coming from inside.  Momma not happy.   Figured I’d wait a week or two since I didn’t really need it yet and they could clear out.  Then I found out wrens often nest twice per year and up till August! 🤨   Guess I’ll be disturbing them after all.
    • cardinals are back at the bird bath too!!  jays too!!   but ants here too..     
    • its that time of year.......we havent had much rain here and there starting to show up here too!!!!!! i've been raging war with them gawd darn f#@$%^ boxelder bugs though!!!!!🥴   birds are slowly starting to make a return, i've actually have had robins feeding out of my big sunflower feeders lately. seen a papa cardinal feeding the youngins too!!!!!👍
    • Ants overran me this week on the oriole feeder. A little spray of ant killer at the bottom foot of the pole seems to have stopped them. These were the little tiny ones. I’m guessing all the rain really flooded their nests. 
    • Weird bug on the deck.    
    • BUT......... you'll never know were bigfoot is lurking!!!!!!!!🤣🤣🤗   sorry........🥴 that Mike89 guy dared me to say it!!!!!!!🤓
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