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Cook a frozen pizza?

Moe Szyslak

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You always can call and have pizza delivered to the launch or resort.

Yeh baby! I like this option, it works real good. Especially when the local delivery will drive out to your perm on the ice depending on who is working that night. grin

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I make my own and they work great.Seems to work a little beter if you dont go overboard on toppings.

Before you freeze the pizza, wrap it well in aluminum foil. When ready to cook, defrost at fish house temperature and then place the foil package on a hot grill. Cover and bake about 30 minutes. Open foil and peek after about 20 minutes.

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minnbowhunter has a good idea with the camp oven. In the BWCA we make our own pizzas using soft taco shells, cheese, pizza sauce and pepperoni

they are very tasty and easy to make...not a real pizza but deff well worth it.

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1st choice is the kettle grill, outside the door. BTW, don't limit yourself to frozen pizzas, homemade/custom pizzas on foil pans are AWESOME on the grill!! 2nd choice is the oven in my fish house, should I care to get the house overheated. and 3rd, using my generator and borrowing the daughters 'pizza-go-round' is an alright method too. Last February, at a company fishing contest, I made 3-18" pizzas on the grille and fed like 13 people. Now, a lot of them have started grilling their own pizzas and are passing the method on! Phred52

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Originally Posted By: grizzald
If I bought a power inverter that plugs into my trucks cigarrete lighter would it have enough power to run one of thoses pizzazz pizza makers?

I don't know, those are pretty high watts I believe.

your right, they say they take 1235 watts, that would mean you would need a 1500 watt inverter, this has to be ran DIRECTLY to the battery, and your looking at around 100 bucks on the low end according to google search. Google search here.

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