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Check #2 photos and remake photos for foothold in snow instruction

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Was a nice morning on the line, wish i could have spent all day out but the wife had plans today so i had to be home early. On the way out this morning i came across a nice moose, sorry for the poor photo.


Checked a bunch of sets, and only found a few new sets of lynx tracks, set a few more traps and shot some ptarmigan. In one of my lynx traps i did manage to get an ermine, a nice bonus critter.

Second to last set of the morning to check i had a kitty waiting for me again.


Ok I remade this cubby and took a few photos before the battery on the camera froze. Under the trap is wax paper and because this set is for cats i use alot of guide/stepping sticks, more than i would use with K9's.


Covering the pan is just a kleenex.





And the tally for the day



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that duck there looks like a widgeon, but i save all my ducks i shoot that i don't pluck. The ones i do pluck i save all the feathers to spread around at a set. THe ones i breast out I freeze in ziplocks to hang as bait.

I am in Alaska. The cool thing about trapping is trappers utilize more parts of the animals than most people do. Most people would breast out a duck and throw the carcass away. Not I. THe carcass has just as much value as the breast meat. The feathers and wings have just as much if not MORE value than the meat as well.

(Side note, nothing is wrong with NOT utilizing anything more than the law requires, I have no problem with someone just taking the breast meat)

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I wanted to do check 3 last night, but we have a thaw going on and have several feet of water on top of the ice in spots. I can not get into the sloughs i need to to check traps. I will give it another go tonight, hopefully i ahve a report of check three tomorrow.

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