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St. Paul ice show ????? ATV Tracks


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Fellow Ice show attendes, looking for a little help. I did not pick up any info on the 4 wheeler that was equiped with tracks. I am looking for info on the track system that was on the 4 wheeler located by the stage. I have looked on line for them and can not find any that look like them. Can someone help me out?


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somethingfishy ~ Looks like you have tracks on a atv? What size do you have? I was thinking that you would need a bigger 4 wheeler with the tracks as you stated, but according to camoplast web site they fit the drive wheel based on your model and cc for power and speed is that the case or not?

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With your current set up I am guessing that you have no problems with power or speed?

None that I have found...... yet.

When cruising across the lake if you hit a slush pocket you can definetly feel the little bit of drop and a light reduction in speed, feels kind of like bogging down although the machine has not done so.

Did some plowing with it yesterday for the first time with tracks and the new plow setup (designed for use with tracks) and I must say I was impressed with the snow this thing would push and drive up over with the plow. I don't really need this for plowing my driveway in town but is sure is alot of fun.

If your ever in my neck of the woods I would be more than happy to meet up and let you take a look.

I would like to get a mini get-together/ride for those of us with tracks to check out others brands of tracks and machines to see how they function and the differences in handling, power, etc. I currently have only ridden with other Polaris's with tracks.

Here are a few links to topics regarding tracks over in the ATV forum:



I know there are a few others also in the ATV forum, I only went back 5 pages.

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Here is a reply that I got from a site that tests and reviews ATV tracks when I asked if the 4s would work with mid sized wheelers.

they work great,, camoplast makes them to work on a 350 ,, i have a 420 and 500 and they also work great,, as far as prfeormance, they will not go as fast a a 100 hp snowmobile but snowmobiles cannot follow us in the deep woods,, gary

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