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Computer Game Problem


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I think I already know the answer to this but I figured I would ask in anyways incase one of the computer geniuses on the site had a fix for it.

I have an older computer game that I am trying to run on my newer computer. I have Windows XP on the new computer. When I try to install the game I get an error message:

Windows NT has been detected.

This is a Windows 95 game that will not run on Windows NT.

Is there a fix (something I could download or ?) for this or am I just out of luck?

This is where I will wear my computer ignorance on my sleeve. The error message says something about Windows NT but I thought I had Windows XP, is this a same difference issue?

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Casey, XP is based on Windows NT 4.0 technology. But you could try running in windows 95/98 mode. To do that right click on the Icon (either on the desktop or in the start menu) and go to properties. Then look for a tab called compatibility, there is an option to pick windows 95/98 mode. Worth a shot. Good luck I hope it works.

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Upnorth -

Thanks for the tip. I didn't quite get around to doing what you suggested but I used the Help and Support to search compatability and it brought me to a compatability wizard (who'd a thunk it) I ran that and wall-ah, it works now.

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